How to insert a printable background image in Excel?

When we insert a background with clicking Background button under Page Layout tab in Excel, the background is not printable, and you cannot view the background in print preview. Is it possible to print a background image in Excel? Yes, there is a special method to insert a printable background image in Excel.

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To do it, follow these steps:


Step 1: Click the Insert > Shapes, and select a rectangles shape, see the following screenshot:


Step 2: Draw a shape in active worksheet.

Step 3: Drawing Tools is active now, please click the Shape Fill button and fill the shape with white.


Step 4: Click the Shape Outline button, and replace the outline color with white.

Step 5: Then right click the shape, and select the Format Shape item from the context menu.


Step 6: Click the Fill button at left bar, see the following screen shot:

  • Select the Picture or texture fill option;
  • Click the File button to specify a image to fill this shape;
  • Check the Tile picture as texture option;
  • Change the Transparency to 75%.


Step 7: Click the Properties button at left bar, and

  • Check the Move and size with cells option in Object positioning section;
  • Check the Print Object option.


Step 8: Click Close button. Then the shape filled with pictures looks like a background image. What's more, it can be printed out when you print the active worksheet. See the following screenshot:


Is your problem solved?

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