How to change uppercase to lowercase in Microsoft Excel?

Supposing you receive an Excel report with all text strings in uppercase letters, it will be easier to read if you can change these uppercase letters into lowercase in Excel. The following tricks can quickly change all uppercase letters into lowercase in Excel.

Change uppercase to lowercase in Excel with LOWER function

Change uppercase to lowercase in Excel with Kutools for Excel

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For example, you have the following uppercase text strings, how could you quickly and easily change the uppercase letters to lowercase letters?


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arrow blue right bubbleChange uppercase to lowercase in Excel with LOWER function

Using Microsoft Excel's Lower function is an easy way to change any kinds of text strings or letters to lowercase in one cell.

Step 1: In the adjacent cell B1, enter the formula =LOWER (A1). See screenshot:


Step 2: Press Enter key and the formula has been applied to the cell B1, then select cell B1, drag the fill handle over the range of cells that you want to apply this formula. And all of the uppercase text strings have been changed to lowercase strings. See screenshot:


Note: This method can only change all the uppercase letters into lowercase in a new range, so you may have to take a further step to replace the uppercase letters with the lowercase letters.

arrow blue right bubbleChange uppercase to lowercase in Excel with Kutools for Excel

If you have Kutools for Excel installed, its Change Case tool can help you change all uppercase letters to lowercase in cells directly.

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Step1: Select the range that you want to change.

Step2: Click Kutools > Text Tools > Change Case. See screenshot:


Step 3: In Change Case dialog box, check the lower case option.


Step4: then click OK or Apply. The selected uppercase letters have been converted to lowercase letters in the original range.


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