How to quickly insert unique sequence numbers in Excel?

Do you need to insert sequential numbers in Excel? Sometimes you may need to insert some special sequential numbers, such as 000-001, or with other suffix and prefix. Here we are going to guide you how to quickly create or insert sequence numbers in Excel.

Insert unique sequence number in Excel as 1, 2, 3,…

Customize and insert unique sequence numbers with suffix and prefix

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Although there is not a command to insert sequence numbers in Excel, you can insert sequence numbers in contiguous cells with clicking and dragging mouse.

Step 1: Enter 1 in a cell, and enter 2 in a cell beside the first cell.

Step 2: Select both the cells, and drag the fill handle Description: Selected cell with fill handle across the range that you want to fill.


With dragging this fill handle, you can also fill the column of cells with sequence numbers such as these formats: “000-001,000-002,000-003…” and the sequence numbers with prefix “KTE-0001, KTE-0002, KTE-0003… ”.

Notes: 1. This way is only able to insert sequence numbers in contiguous cells.

2. If you want to create the sequence numbers with suffix or prefix and suffix, this method will not work.

arrow blue right bubble Customize and insert unique sequence numbers with suffix and prefix

The Insert Sequence Number utility of Kutools for Excel can help you customize and insert sequence numbers in contiguous cells, non-contiguous ranges of active worksheet, different worksheets, and different workbooks.

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Step 1: Select the range you want to insert the sequence numbers.

Step 2: Click the Kutools > Insert Tools > Insert Sequence Number.


Step 3: In the Insert Sequence Number dialog box, click the New button.


Step 4: And it will expand the dialog, in the lower left panel, create your own sequential numbers and specify the sequence name and prefix or suffix as you like. At the same time, you can preview the result of your customized sequence in the lower right list box. See screenshot:


Step 5: Then click Add button to add your created sequence into above list box, and select the item that you are created, then click Fill Range button to insert the sequence numbers into the selected range. See screenshots:


The Insert Sequence Number utility makes it easy to insert unique sequence numbers into contiguous cells and non-contiguous ranges in Excel. What's more, you can continue inserting the sequence numbers next time in different worksheets and workbooks. Click to know more about this utility.

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