How to save selection or entire workbook as PDF in Excel?

You can save worksheets as PDF easily with Save as command if you are using Excel 2010 or Excel 2007 SP2. However, you may only want to save or export selected ranges as PDF, or save the whole workbook but not only current worksheet as PDF. How will deal with it?

Of course, you can copy selected ranges to a new worksheet and save it as PDF file; or save each worksheet separately as PDF files. But here we will show you a tricky way to save selections or entire workbook as one PDF file in Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010 quickly.

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Step 1: Select the ranges that you will save as PDF file.

If you want to save the entire workbook as one PDF file, just skip this step.

Step 2: Click the File >> Save as in Excel 2010 or Office button >> Save as in Excel 2007.

Step 3: In the Save As dialog box, select the PDF item from the Save as type: drop down list.


Step 4: Click the Options… button at the bottom of Save As dialog box.


Step 5: In the Options dialog box, check the Selection option or Entire workbook option according to your needs.


Step 6: Click OK to dismiss the dialog boxes.

Then you will see it saves only the selection or the entire workbook as a single PDF file quickly.

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screen shot

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+1#sumant2013-11-07 10:37
Thank you very much for the info.
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+1#Neil2013-12-02 15:07
Great help thank you!
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+1#Salih Mohamed2013-12-10 07:56
Thank you. Very useful information
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+1#sphe2014-01-27 07:31
Thank you

Very useful
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+1#Paula Wend2014-01-30 19:14
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0#gal2014-04-10 19:40
I also had to select pages instead of all on the page range.
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0#mel2014-04-14 06:48
thank you very much!
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0#Chris2014-04-16 08:09
OMG!!! At last - Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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0#Ralene Ruth2014-04-16 18:45
Thank you for this info! Is there any way to program excel to always save the workbook with these settings?
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0#Kim2014-04-22 09:47
Hi, thanks for the info but is there a way to shrink the selection so each tab is only one page of the PDF?

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0#PJ2014-06-13 14:18
Thanks! Is there a way to make the worksheet names display in the PDF as page names? All my worksheets are titled, but they display as Page 1, Page 2, etc. in PDF.
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0#Senthil Nathan2014-07-28 09:38
Very very Useful Thanks and Lot
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+1#Siddhardha2014-08-04 05:37
I have tried this already but it displays a message saying that no printer is installed and there is an error while saving the document.What to do ?
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