How to convert birthdate to age quickly in Excel?

For instance, you get a range of various birthdate data in Excel, and you need to convert these birthdate to display their exact age value in Excel, how would you like to figure out? This article lists some tips to convert the birth date to age in Excel easily.

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arrow blue right bubbleMethod A: Convert birthdate to age with subtraction

Normally we figure out someone's age with current date subtracting the given birth date. So does it in Excel.

Step 1: Enter current date in a blank cell, such as 2012/6/18 in Cell B2.

Step 2: In another blank cell, enter the formula =(B2-A2)/365, and press the Enter key.


Then it shows the age in the cell. However, you may get a strange age such as 23.70411. But the following function will figure out a normal age:


arrow blue right bubbleMethod B: Convert birthdate to age with DATEDIF function

Some would like to apply the DATEDIF function to calculate the age. Enter the formula =DATEDIF(A2,NOW(),"y") in a blank cell, it calculates the age immediately after pressing the Enter key.


arrow blue right bubbleMethod C: Convert birthdate to age with ROUNDDOWN function

Another function to convert the birth date to age is =ROUNDDOWN(YEARFRAC(A2, TODAY(), 1), 0), which will figure out a standard age, such as 23.


arrow blue right bubbleMethod D: Convert birthdate to exact age with DATEDIF function

Sometimes exact age is requires, and you may want to know how many years, months, and days from the birth date to current date. The following formula can help you figure out:

=DATEDIF(A13,TODAY(),"Y") & " Years, " & DATEDIF(A13,TODAY(),"YM") & " Months, " & DATEDIF(A13,TODAY(),"MD") & " Days"


See the screen shot above, this formula will show you precise result, such as 23 Years, 8 Months, and 14 Days.

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