How to print title (top row) on every page repeatedly in Excel?

Most often, we make some quite long workbooks, and they overflow to several pages. Normally we can freeze the top row or top column to view the overflowed data in workbook on every page. However, when we print these long workbooks, the title (top row) disappears and will not be printed in all pages except the first one. Actually, we can specify the Page Setup settings, and print the title (top row) on every page repeatedly.

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Step 1: In the Page Setup group under Page Layout tab, click the Print Titles button.

Step 2: In the Page Setup dialog box, click the Sheet tab.

Step 3: In the Print Titles section, click the Browser button to specify the title (top row).

Step 4: Click OK button.

Now the title (top row) will be printed on every overflowed page.

By the way, if you need to print the gridlines, Row Heading, and Column Heading, you can check the Gridlines option, Row and column headings Option in the Print section in the same Page Setup dialog box.

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+3#Devendra Pahari2013-10-22 14:39
Thanks a lot, for your solution, some time small things make us crazy.
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-1#Iqbal Hashmi2013-11-26 08:07
Pl let know the how to mention in Excel 2007
How to repeat 2 rows in Every Pages
row 2 dise no
Row 3 slno. name father name class

Iqbal Hashmi
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0#HelloKelly2013-11-27 06:23

To print 2 rows repeatedly in every page:

In the Step 3 click the browse button besides the Rows to repeat at top: box, and select the rows that you will print repeated in every page, such as $1:$2.

Or you can type the $1:$2 directly in the box.

To print first three columns, you can also type the $A:$C in the box of Columns to repeat at left:
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-1#San2014-01-30 16:02
Great help. I check few websites for help before comming to this one.
Thank youy.
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0#CereusGraphics2014-02-19 06:50
I am very happy to be able to find this excellent article! After reading your article, I feel learned a lot of things, and we hope to see your next article, look forward to your masterpiece.
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0#BARKHA2014-04-12 06:14
Thank you so much for supporting me in any situation.........
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0#JAGAN G2014-04-16 17:38
Thanks and very useful information with easily understanding format picture
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0#Tom Rowen2014-07-08 18:18
Thank you! I knew there had to be a way. It's not intuitive in Excel, and the MS Help tool is a joke. This page was a life saver. Thanks again!
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0#Usman2014-07-10 11:22
I want a line repeat on every page but I couldn't it you can suggest.
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