Change orientation of worksheet or text in cells in Excel

This article will bring you solutions to change the orientation of both the whole worksheet and the text in cells in Microsoft Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.

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arrow blue right bubbleChange the orientation of current worksheet

Sometime you need to change the layout of current worksheet to Portrait or Landscape. There are two ways to change the orientation of current worksheet.

Method A: Change worksheet orientation under Page Layout tab

Just click the Orientation button under the Page Layout tab, it shows the Portrait item and Landscape item in the drop down list. Click the one of both to change current worksheet's orientation.

Method B: Change worksheet orientation in backstage view of Excel 2010

You can also change current worksheet's orientation in backstage view:

  • Click the File tab in Excel 2010.
  • Click the Print button at left bar.
  • In the Settings section, you can change the page orientation. See the following screen shot:

Note: this method is only valid in Excel 2010, but invalid in Excel 2007.

arrow blue right bubbleChange the orientation of text in cells

Occasionally the Wrap Text command cannot meet your needs to set the text layout in cells, and it requires changing the orientation of text in cells. You can do it with following steps:


Step 1: Select cells that you will change the text orientation in.

Step 2: Click the Orientation button under Home tab.

Step 3: In the drop down list of Orientation button, select one of orientation styles.

You can get more orientation styles in Format Cells dialog box with clicking the Format Cells Alignment item in the list.

Go to Orientation section under the Alignment tab in Format Cells dialog box, you can drag the orientation pointer or enter the orientation degree to change the orientation of text in cells. See the following screen shot:

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