How to insert drop down list in Excel?

How can we insert a drop down list in cells in Excel? You may need to take a few steps to insert the drop down list as following instructions in Excel.

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1. Create a list of data that you want to use in the drop down list.

2. Select a range cell that you insert the drop down list.

3. Click Data > Data Validation > Data Validation. See screenshot:


4. And a Data Validation dialog box will appear, then click Settings, and choose List from the Allow drop down list, then click doc-replace-range-names-7 button to select the list of names. See screenshot:


5. Then click OK. The drop down list has been inserted into the worksheet. And you can quickly enter the names you need from the drop down list.


Note: the drop-down arrow is visible only when the cell is active.

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screen shot

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+4#Web Guy2013-12-03 14:56
Thanks for this informative post, just what I was looking for :lol:
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+1#Christine M2014-02-26 19:07
Thanks! This was what I needed, as well. Steps were very simple.
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+1#Amy2014-04-07 11:34
When I did this in my 2013 version (the one on my laptop) it worked, but when I brought it into the office (office computer using 2007), it did not work. Any help on how to make it work on both seamlessly?
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+1#Amy2014-04-07 11:36
Any way to make this work on both 2013 and 2007?

I created an excel file on my 2013 laptop and need to use the file on my 2007 desktop at work. How do I set it up so it works seamlessly on both?

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0#Kakaire Charles2014-06-28 09:36
Just too wonderful-as simple as it is. I am excited!!! Thanx a lot.
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0#Abegga2014-07-18 10:38
Generous!!! Thanks a lot!
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