How to find address of cell with max or min value in Excel?

Sometimes you may want to find out and identify the cell address of the cell with the max value or min value in Excel. How do you deal with it? The following way will guide to figure out the cell address with max or min value in Excel.

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Supposing you have a lot of numbers in Column A, and now you need to find out the cell address of the max value and insert the cell address into another cell.

You can use this formula =CELL("address",INDEX(A:A,MATCH(MAX(A:A),A:A,0))) to get the cell address of the max value. Please select a cell which you want to insert the cell address, and enter the formula and then press the Enter key.

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Supposing the Row 1 is filled with many numbers, and now you want to find out the cell address of cell with minimum value and insert the address in another cell.

In a blank cell, enter the formula of =CELL("address",INDEX(1:1,MATCH(MAX(1:1),1:1,0))), and press the Enter key.

Now it inserts the address of cells with minimum value of Row 1 in active cell.

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