Office 2010 add-ins manager: how to enable, disable,add or remove add-ins?

Recently, we have been playing around Office 2010 a lot. Do you know how to add/remove office add-ins in Word, Excel and PowerPoint?

For Office Word 2010:

Go to File>Options and select Add-ins. You will see all the Word add-ins you have installed in Word 2010. There are lists of all active, inactive, and disabled add-ins. if you click on one of the add-in, you will see some information of this add-in, but not for managing it.

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word add-ins

If you want to manage add-ins, i.e. go to add, remove, enable or disable add-ins. You should select the add-ins type from the Manager dropdown list and hit Go.

word add-ins2

Now you will see a new dialog window from where you can disable or enable the add-ins. Simply checked an add-in to enable it and unchecked will disable it.

word add-ins3

If you want to install an add-in manually, hit the Add button and select the add-in that you downloaded. Click Remove will remove the add-in you selected.

The above procedures is valid for Outlook 2010, Excel 2010, and PowerPoint 2010 as well.

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+1#Robert Appleby2013-12-07 18:35
I have tried to remove an add-in as described above and receive a dialog that says I must be an administrator and I can do nothing.
I am logged in as an administrator, the only user on my laptop. My OS is Windows 7.
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0#Eli2014-01-02 21:47
Edit the word shortcut so it runs with admin rights.
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0#rameshr_mdu2014-01-29 09:36
Superb & Good. It was working
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0#Dave Voelker2014-01-31 04:56
I followed the instructions here but the Remove button for the add-in I want to remove is grayed out. I tried unchecking it first (which unloads it), but no difference. I'm stuck.
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+3#Dave Voelker2014-02-02 07:01
I found a Microsoft link that solved my problem. It turns out an add-in can't be removed if it refers to a file in the Startup folder. I directly removed the file the add-in referred to (a template) and that fixed it.
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+1#Terry Haines2014-02-07 00:36
I get the same message as Robert Appleby when I try to remove the Excel addin and I have tried editing the Excel Shortcut but it wont allow me to run as administrator
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0#Sue2014-05-29 04:49
Trying to get Adobe PDfmaker as add-in (Word office 2010) . It says it is available. I check the box.'OK' Nothing.
Where does it go. How do I use it?
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