How to auto forward email messages in Outlook?

When you are away on a trip and you don’t want your vacation being interrupted by Outlook emails but you still need to deal with this emails on time, now you need to forward your incoming messages to others and let them help you deal with it as soon as possible. This tutorial will show you several methods of how to auto forward email messages in Outlook.

Auto forward email messages with creating rule in Outlook

Auto forward email messages with Kutools for Outlook

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arrow blue right bubbleAuto forward email messages with creating rule in Outlook

1. In Outlook 2013 and 2010, go to File tab. In Info section, click Manage Rules and Alerts.

Note: In Outlook 2007, select Tools > Rules and Alerts.

2. In Rules and Alerts dialog, under E-mail Rules tab, click on New Rule option.

3. Then a Rules Wizard dialog pop up. Under Start from a blank rule, select Apply rule on messages I receive, and then click Next to continue.

4. Selecting any condition allows you to forward the specific email that meets your requirement. But uncheck all the conditions, the rule will be applied to every message you receive. When you unchecked all the conditions, click Next then a prompt box will pop up, click Yes.

5. In step 1, select forward it to people or public group option.

In step 2, click people or public group. See screenshot:

6. When a Rule Address dialog popping up, click your desired address and then click on To button (you can also double-clicking on the address to select it). Or you can directly type the email address in the To field. Finally click OK.

7. Now it returns to the previous window, and you can see the previous people or public group was replaced by your specified email address. Click Next to see the further information.

8. When an exceptions dialog popping up, select any exception that you would like to apply to this rule and then click Next. Tip: Most users leave the exceptions unchecked.

9. In Step 1: Type a name for your rule under Specify a name for this rule.

In Step 2: If you would like Outlook to start forwarding messages now, check Turn on this rule box. While if you would like to forward messages which were already existing in your Inbox, check Run this rule now on messages already in “Inbox” box. Click on Finish button. Start testing your rule!

arrow blue right bubbleAuto forward email messages with Kutools for Outlook

The above setting rule method is complicated and time-consuming for many Outlook users. Here with the Automatic Forward utility of Kutools for Outlook, you can easily auto forward all emails when receiving in Outlook.

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1. Please enable the utility by clicking Kutools > Forward > Enable Auto Forward. See screenshot:

Note: If there has no auto forward rule existing, you can get into the Auto Forward Settings dialog box directly by clicking Enable Auto Forward.

2. In the popping up Auto Forawrd Settings dialog box, please click New button.

3. In the Auto Forward dialog box, make sure that the All received email box is checked, and then click Recipients button to find and select recipients to auto forward to. And finally click OK button.

Note: You can change the rule name in Rule Name field if you want.

4. When it returns to the Auto Forawrd Settings dialog box, you can see the rule you have just created displaying inside. Please click OK button to finish the settings.

Note: With Kutools for Outlook’s Automatic Forward utility, you can not only automatically forward all emails when receiving, but also automatically forward certain emails by special criteria such as email account, subject, and so on in Outlook.

For more detailed information of this Automatic Forward utility, please click automatically forward all or certain emails when receiving in Outlook.

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