How to show or hide all hidden text quickly in Word?

How to quickly show the hidden text just in case you forget they are actually in document?

Using Word command to show or hide hidden text

--Show/hide hidden text in Word Option

--Show/hide hidden text by Show/hide function

Quickly show or hide hidden text with Kutools

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Show/hide hidden text in Word Option


If you are using Word 2010 / 2013: Click Filetab  > click Options

If you are using Word 2007: Click Officeicon  > click Word Options

Step 2: check Hidden text to show hidden text in document, and uncheck to hide them. Check or uncheck Show all formatting marks

Show/hide hidden text by Show/hide function

Click Home tab > click Show/hidebutton doc-soh-hiddentext-2 in Paragraph group

The keyboard shortcut of Show/hide function:Ctrl+* (sometimes written as Shift+Ctrl+8 ).

TIP: Show/hide function can be used to show or hide all formatting marks in Word, and it’s unavailable if you have checked Hidden text item in Display.

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Please apply the utility by clicking Enterprise > Display Settings, see screenshot:


And then check Hidden Text in the pop-up dialog, see screenshot:


You can see the result as shown as bellow:



For more information, please visit: quickly show hidden text.

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0#nagarajan2013-12-05 00:53
I need a facility in MS-Word where you can hide a portion of the text with a marker for hidden text, with a hide/unhide option just as in MS-excel. This will enable me to write a detailed document with an option for readers seeing the whole document in detail or only the open portion as a first reading. Hope you understand.
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+1#Jennifer2014-06-02 20:35
That's no answer. We're looking for a way to toggle between hide/show text, not open a bunch of tabs and dialog boxes each time. Just one click.
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+1#John2014-07-01 17:24
I just built the following Word macro to toggle between hide/show text and assigned it to a keyboard shortcut (Alt+H):

Sub ShowHiddenText()
' ShowHiddenText Macro
' Toggle Show/Hide setting for Hidden Text
If ActiveWindow.View.ShowHiddenText = True Then
ActiveWindow.View.ShowHiddenText = False
ActiveWindow.View.ShowHiddenText = True
End If
End Sub
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0#Nancy Hollo2014-07-12 17:33
Thanks for that macro. Word does so many functions if they pack anything more into this program they'll need to install artificial intelligence to tell us where it all is! It's websites like this that are making it so easy to get questions quickly answered.
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0#Jaret2014-08-04 17:21
is there any way to hide a paragraph of text, and then have a text button on the document, and once that is pressed have the hidden text comes up? This is for a type of informational document for work, so if anyone can help that would be great
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