How to change orientation of one page in word?

Within some particular word documents, you have to apply different page orientation to one page only. This article will show you the following tricky ways for changing orientation of one page in word.

Change orientation of one page with section breaks

Change orientation of one page in Margins

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For understanding this tricky way better, I will take the following documents as an example to show you how I can change the orientation in page 2.

Step 1: Click Page Layout, and go to the Breaks to insert section break Next Page at the end of page 1 and page 2 as follows.

Step 2: Put the cursor on page 2 and click Page Layout > Orientation > Landscape.

Now the page 2 has been changed to orientation landscape. See screenshot:

Note: If you do not insert section break in the document, it will change the orientation of the whole document after clicking Landscape.

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Step 1: select the entire page that you want to change the orientation.

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Step 2: Click Page Layout> Margins and select Custom Margins

Step 3: Click Custom Margins to open the Page Setup window. Select the orientation you need and specify the location to apply the new orientation in Apply to. Click OK.


1. If you want to change the page apply section, you can click in a section (or select multiple sections), but the Select Section option only exist when there are section breaks in pages.

2. If the paragraphs in the page which you select to change the orientation are too many to be in a page after change, the remaining paragraphs will in the new page which is the same orientation with the selected page.

3. If you do not select any page, you can change orientation of the whole document or the pages behind the page where the cursor on when you apply this function.

4. It just change the orientation for only the sections that you have selected.

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