How to enable Office Tab when it is disabled?

If you have encountered Office Tab has gone or disappeared in Office applications under some rare circumstance, you can always try to bring it back  according to the following methods.

Note: Before you taking anything further, please make sure you have installed the latest Office Tab. You can download the latest version from here.

1. Using the Office Tab Center

Go to Office Tab Center, you can enable or disable the specific tab feature. You can access Office Tab Center by double clicking on the Office Tab Center icon on your computer desk. You can also access by clicking Start > All Programs > Office Tab > Office Tab Center. To make sure the Enable Tabs for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, is checked. Click “OK” to close Office Tab Center. If the problem is still out there, please go to next step.


2. Using the Microsoft Office Add-ins Manager (for Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013)

In this case, I am going to use Microsoft Word 2010 for this troubleshooting. If there is no tab in Word, you should choose to access the Word Add-ins Manager to enable it manually. For Office 2010, Click File > Options > Add-Ins. For Office 2007, Click Office icon > Word Options > Add-ins.


2.1. To enable Add-ins, please choose the Add-ins type in the bottom of the above screenshot (Office Tab add-ins belongs to the COM Add-ins type), and then clicking Go…


Note: If you are using Microsoft Office 2007, please make sure both the Tabs for Word (32-bit) and Office Tab Helper are enabled.

Why Office Tab will become disabled sometimes? That’s because there are some other Office add-ins which is not compatible with Office Tab in your Office application. In this case, you should try to disable some other Office add-ins which you don’t need to use, and just keep Office Tab enabled.

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