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How to create list from range in Excel?

Author: Sun Last Modified: 2014-03-25

You may need to create a list by a range of data frequently, for instance, a range of data on 24 solar terms as shown as below. Of course, you can copy and paste them into a list manually, but it seems somewhat tedious if there are many columns in the range. Actually, there are a couple of tricks to create a list from specified range in Microsoft Excel easily.

Create list from range with VBA

Create list from range with Kutools for Excel

arrow blue right bubble Create list from range with VBA

In Excel, you also can use VBA code to quickly import a list or range.

1. Hold ALT button and press F11 on the keyboard to open a Microsoft Visual Basic for Application window.

2. Click Insert > Module, and copy the VBA into the module.

VBA: Create list from range

Sub UniqueList()
Dim InputRng As Range, OutRng As Range
xTitleId = "KutoolsforExcel"
Set InputRng = Application.Selection
Set InputRng = Application.InputBox("Range:", xTitleId, InputRng.Address, Type:=8)
Set OutRng = Application.InputBox("OutPut to (single cell):", xTitleId, Type:=8)
For i = 1 To InputRng.Rows.Count
    For j = 1 To InputRng.Columns.Count
        OutRng.Value = InputRng.Cells(i, j).Value
        Set OutRng = OutRng.Offset(1, 0)
End Sub


3. Click Run button or press F5 to run the VBA. A dialog displayed on the screen, and select the range of data that you will create a list with. See screenshot:

5. Click OK, select a cell to output the list from the pop-up dialog, then click OK. See screenshot:

Then the range of data has been created as a list in the selected cell.

arrow blue right bubble Create list from range with Kutools for Excel

The handy tool – Kutools for Excel's Transform Range function also can quickly and easily create a list from a range data.

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1. Select the data range you want to create it as a list, and click Kutools > Range Converter > Transform Range. See screenshot:

2. In the pop-up Transform Range dialog, check Range to single column, and click OK, another dialog displayed for you to select a blank cell to output the list, click OK. See screenshot:

3. Then the list is created.

Click here for more information about Transform Ranges.

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