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How to sum values between two dates range in Excel?

When there are two lists in your worksheet as right screenshot shown, one is the list of dates, the other is the list of the values. And you want to sum up the values between two dates range only, for instance, sum up the values between 3/4/2014 and 5/10/2014, how can you calculate them quickly? Now, I introduce a formula for you to sum up them in Excel.

Sum values between two dates with formula in Excel

sum between two dates

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ad select special cells count between two dates

arrow blue right bubble Sum values between two dates with formula in Excel

Fortunately, there is a formula can sum up the values between two dates range in Excel.

Select a blank cell and type into this formula =SUMIFS(B2:B8,A2:A8,">="&E2,A2:A8,"<="&E3), and press Enter button. And now you will get the calculating result. See screenshot:

doc sum between dates 03

Note: In above formula, B2:B8 is the value list you will sum up, A2:A8 is the date list you will sum based on, E2 is the cell with start date, E3 is the cell with end date, and you can change them based on your needs.

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    CAA · 1 days ago
    I am trying to create a holiday calendar to calculate the following information:

    Start Date:
    End Date (if there is one, otherwise calculate on the entire holiday year_
    No of Holidays
    Holiday year runs from 01/04 to 31/03 with an entitlement of 20 days plus bank holidays

    any help is much appreciated
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Kasim · 2 months ago
    Hello there,
    I am a sales man at hotel and I want to create a rate plan for different dates and room types,
    for example
    10.08.19 rate 50 usd per person,
    11.08.19 rate 45 usd per person
    12.08.19 rate 55 usd per person
    13.08.19 rate 60 usd per person
    14.08.19 rate 60 usd per person

    when guest ask me 2 different room types for example family room =pp rate x 3
    and standard room =pp rate x 2

    check in 10.08 and for 5 nights.. On rate plan I filled all dates rates, but I cannot arrange for room types..

    could you help someone to me pls..
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    Steve · 3 months ago
    I'm trying to sum the monthly data, in column E, between the Date in Q4 and R4, using the dates in column A. All I get is 0 for an answer. Am I making a mistake or is there a bug in Excel?

    =SUMIFS('Major business figures'!$E:$E,'Major business figures'!$A:$A,">"&Analysis!Q$4,'Major business figures'!$A:$A,"<="&Analysis!R$4)
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    Yaroslav · 3 months ago
    Hello Excel gurus,

    quick question. I`m trying to sum amounts that are in date range but all i`m trying is useless. The task is the following:

    I have column with trade amounts (more then 1 hundred lines, means different trades). Each trade have booking date and Maturity date. First trade was done on 27.04.2017 and last one 21.11.2018. So, I need to sum trades amounts for each and every date separately starting from 27.04.2017 and till 21.11.2018. How to type the formula correctly having mentioned conditions on top?

    Appreciated in your help.

  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    vanji · 8 months ago
    hai Friends I have one dout, how to calculate how many dates between one date to another date.
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      kellytte · 2 months ago
      Hi vanji,
      Just apply the formula =later date – earlier date