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How to filter cells with formulas in Excel?

If you have a long list of data which contains both values and formulas, and now, you need to filter only the formula rows. Have you ever tried to solve this problem in Excel?

Filter cells with formulas with User-defined formula and a helper column

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To filter cells which containing the formulas, you need to identify the formulas cells with a User Defined Function first, and then apply the Filter feature to the new helper column.

1. Hold down the Alt + F11 keys in Excel, and it opens the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. Click Insert > Module, and paste the following macro in the Module Window.

VBA code: Identify the cells which contain formulas

Function HasFormula(Cell)
HasFormula = Cell.HasFormula
End Function

3. Then save and close this code, return to the worksheet, and enter this formula =HasFormula(A2) into a blank cell B2, for example, see screenshot:


4. And then drag the fill handle over to the range cells that you want to apply this formula, you will get TRUE or FALSE in the cells, TRUE stands for the cells which have formulas and FALSE indicates no formulas. See screenshot:


5. Then select this new column B, and click Data > Filter, then click the drop down arrow in cell B1, and check TRUE option under the Select All section, see screenshot:


6. After checking the TRUE option, click OK button to close this dialog, and only the formulas rows are filtered out as follows:


7. Finally, you can remove the contents in Column B as you want.

Some Excel users may refuse applying VBA code for some purposes. If we can display the formulas instead of calculated results, it will be much easier to filter cells with formulas. Here I will introduce Kutools for Excel’s Convert Formula to Text utility and Convert Text to Formula utility to help you quickly filter cells with formulas.

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Convert formulas to text and filter out them
By Convert Formula to Text utility

Convert text of formulas to real formulas
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1. Select the column that you will filter cells with formulas, and click the Kutools > Content > Convert Formula to Text.

doc filter formulas 5

2. Then all formulas are converted to text strings. Keep selecting the column, and then click the Data > Filter.

3. Click the Arrow button in the column header, and then select Text Filters > Begins with to open the Custom AutoFilter dialog box. Type “=” into the box behind the Begins with box, and then click the OK button. See screen shots below:

doc filter formulas 7

4. Then you will see all text strings of formulas are filtered out. Keep selecting filtered out cells, and then click the Kutools > Content > Convert Text to Formula.

doc filter formulas 8

Now you will see all filtered out formulas which are converted to text strings are restored to formulas and displaying the calculated results in the filtered out cells again.

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