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How to create population pyramid chart in Excel?

Have you ever seen a population pyramid chart? And are you interested in creating a population pyramid chart by yourself? This tutorial will introduce the way to create such a population pyramid chart in Excel.

Create population pyramid chart

arrow blue right bubble Create population pyramid chart

Before creating a population pyramid chart, you need a population table including the age groups, the number of male or female in each age group and the total number of each age group as shown as below:


Now you need to calculate the percentage of each male age group in total number of male, and so do the female age groups.

1. Select a blank cell below the last cell in firs column, here I select A20, and type Total into it, then in A21, type this formula =SUM(B2:B19), then press Enter key, and drag its handle to right to fill this formula in C21. Now see the screenshot:


Tip: In the above formula, B2:B19 is the range you want to sum up.

2. Then go to the blank column next to the table, here is column E, and type %Male in to cell E1, then type this formula =0-(100*B2/$B$20) into cell E2, and press Enter key then drag the fill handle to the range you need. Then go to column F which next to the column %Male, and type %Female into cell F1, then type this formula =(100*C2/$C$20) in cell F2, also press Enter key and drag the fill handle to the range you need. See screenshot:


3. Before creating a population pyramid chart, you need to copy data from these three columns into a new worksheet: column Age (not including cell Total), column %Male and column %Female. Now select these three columns by pressing Ctrl key, and then holding on Ctrl + C keys to copy them and select a cell in a new sheet, then press Ctrl + V keys to paste them. See screenshot:


Now you can create the chart.

4. Select these three column range, and click Insert > Bar > Stacked Bar. See screenshot:


5. Right click at the Y axis and select Format Axis in the context menu. See screenshot:


6. In Format Axis dialog, select Low in the drop down list of Axis labels, and close the dialog. See screenshot:


In Excel 2013, in the Format Axis pane, go down to find LABELS section, and click it to expand its options, and select Low from the Label Position list.


7. Then to adjust the gap between the series, please do these steps:

Right clicking one series and select Format Data Series from the context menu;

Then adjust the Series Overlap and Gap Width to 100% and 0%, and close the dialog. See screenshots:


In Excel 2013, adjust Series Overlap and Gap Width in Format Date Series pane.

8. Right click at the X axis, and select Format Axis. See screenshot:


9. In the Format Axis dialog, click Number tab, and then select Custom in the Category list, and type 0;0 into the Format Code text box, then click Add to add it to Type list, and close the dialog. See screenshot:


In Excel 2013, please go down to click NUMBER tab to expand its option in Format Axis pane, and do as above operation.


Now a population pyramid chart is finished.


You can design it as you need.


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    Dick · 1 years ago
    Doesn't work in Excel 2013. In your step 3 pasting to a new spreadsheet. The age column was OK but the %Male and %Female showed #REF!
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      Vibha · 1 years ago
      You have to select 'Paste Special> values> OK
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Toby · 1 years ago
    Thanks! really helpful guide!