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How to sum same cell in multiple sheets in Excel?

If you have a workbook, and you want to sum the values in the same cell such as A2 in each worksheet, how can you solve it? Maybe you can copy them into one column, then sum up them. But if there are multiple sheets in the workbook, this method will be tedious. Now I can introduce some quick ways for you to quickly sum the same cells in each sheets in Excel.

Sum same cell in multiple sheets with formula

Sum same cell in multiple sheets with Kutools for Excel

arrow blue right bubble Sum same cell in multiple sheets with formula

Fortunately, there is a formula that can help you quickly sum up the values in the same cells in each sheet.

Select a blank cell that you want to get the calculating result, and then type this formula =SUM(Sheet1:Sheet7!A2) into it, and press Enter key. Now the result will be gotten in the selected cell.


1. In the above formula, Sheet1:Sheet7 indicates from Sheet 1 to Sheet 7 in the workbook, you can change them as you need.

2. If the original data is changed, the result is also changed.

3. The above formula just can sum up the same cell across all worksheets, if you just need to sum up the same cell in parts of worksheets, you can use this formula =SUM(Sheet1!A2,Sheet2!A2,Sheet5!A2,Sheet7!A2) ( You need type comma to separate the sheets).

arrow blue right bubble Sum same cell in multiple sheets with Kutools for Excel

With Kutools for Excel’s Combine function, you not only can sum same cells across all worksheets in a workbook, also can sum same cell in parts of tabs of the workbook.

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1. Click Enterprise > Combine. See screenshot:


2. In the popping dialog, check Consolidateand calculate value across multiple workbooks into one worksheet option. See screenshot:


3. Click Next to go on. And select the workbook and worksheets you need from Workbook list and Worksheet list, then select a cell from the Range section, then click Same range button to select the same cells in all checked worksheets. See screenshot:


4. Click Finish. Then a new workbook will be created to show the sum up result. See screenshot:


Tip: There will pop out a dialog asking you to save the scenario, you can check Yes or No as your need.


Click here for more information on Combine function.

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    Gwen · 2 months ago
    The instructions are correct, however you need to replace "Sheet1" and "Sheet7" with the first and last tab names you want in your calculation. Example - Your data is in cell A2 and your tabs are named Jan, Feb, Mar, etc through Dec. Your formula would look like this: =SUM(JAN:DEC!A2).
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    Joy · 2 months ago
    Your formula =SUM(Sheet1:Sheet7!A2) doesn't work. I've renamed my sheets for the purpose of the form, so I am not sure if that is affecting the formula, but I've typed in the formula as you have it written and it isn't working for me. I have to manually add each cell.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Maureen · 9 months ago
    I am having the same problem Windows Excel 2007 yet I did this a few years back?
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Ghouse · 1 years ago
    its not working windows 2007