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How to find named range reference in Excel?

In Excel, we usually name a range for applying formula or reference easily, but if you have multiple named ranges in a workbook, how can you quickly find and identify the cell reference of a named range? Here I will tell you some quick tricks to quickly find the relative cell reference of a specific named range in Excel.

Find named range by Name Manager

Quickly find and identify named range by Navigation Pane good idea3

Find named range by Name Manager

Here is a function called Name Manager in Excel, which can creates, deletes and edits named range, and also it can help you have a look at the cell reference of the named range.

You just need to hold Ctrl key then press F3 key, the Name Manager window is popped out, and you can see all ranged names are list, and under Refers To tab, there are the relative cell references. See screenshot:

doc find named range reference 1

But with this feature, you just can view the cell reference but cannot quickly go to the relative cells. Now I will introduce a powerful pane to you which not only can list all names, also can identify the cell reference of the named range and auto select them.

Quickly find and identify named range by Navigation Pane

Have you ever imaged that all the named range are list in a pane and when you click at anyone named range, the relative cell reference is shown and selected? The Navigation Pane of Kutools for Excel can do it.

Kutools for Excel, with more than 120 handy Excel functions, enhance your working efficiency and save your working time.

After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Excel Now!)

1. Click at Kutools > Navigation, then a pane appears at the left of the current workbook. See screenshot:

doc find named range reference 2

Note: By default, the Navigation pane is activated and shown at left of every worksheet.

2. In the pane, there are four parts, now you just click at the Name manager button of the pane to go to the Name manager part. See screenshots:

doc find named range reference 3

doc arrow

doc find named range reference 4

3. Now when you click at any one named range from the pane, you can see the selected named range’s cell reference is shown at the bottom of the pane, and at the meanwhile, the named range is selected. See screenshot:

doc find named range reference 5

Actually, the powerful use of Navigation Pane is more than that, its Workbook & Sheet part can help you toggle between two sheets, its Auto Text part can allow you to collect your usually used chart, formula, text range, or pictures, and the Column list can list all column titles you used of all open workbook. If you want to know more about this useful pane, click here. But I suggest that if you are interested in this feature, you can free download Kutools for Excel and try to use it by yourself? Kutools for Excel is free in the first 60 days. I promise that you will love this because the Navigation pane is just a tip of Kutools for Excel.

With Navigation pane, you can do this:

Select relative cell reference when specify a named range in Excel

pay attention1If you are interested in this addi-in, click here to download the 60-days free trial.

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Screen shot of Kutools for Excel

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