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How to quickly list the picture names/file names of a folder to Excel cells?

In this tutorial, I will provide some tricks on quickly listing all picture names or file names of a specific folder in an Excel sheet as the screenshot shown.


List picture names of a folder in Excel with VBA
List picture names or specific format file names of a folder in Excel with Filename List
Download sample file

doc list picture name 1

List picture names of a folder in Excel with VBA

In Excel, there is no built-in function that can automatically list all picture names of a folder you choose in a cell of a sheet, but here I have a VBA code which can help you quickly solve this job.

1. In Excel, then press + keys to open Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. In popping window, click Insert > Module to create a new Module script.

3. Copy below code and paste them to the new Module script window.

Sub PictureNametoExcel()
    Dim I As Long
    Dim xRg As Range
    Dim xAddress As String
    Dim xFileName As String
    Dim xFileDlg As FileDialog
    Dim xFileDlgItem As Variant
    On Error Resume Next
    xAddress = ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address
    Set xRg = Application.InputBox("Select a cell to place name list:", "Kutools For Excel", xAddress, , , , , 8)
    If xRg Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    Set xRg = xRg(1)
    xRg.Value = "Picture Name"
    With xRg.Font
    .Name = "Arial"
    .FontStyle = "Bold"
    .Size = 10
    End With
    Set xFileDlg = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
    I = 1
    If xFileDlg.Show = -1 Then
        xFileDlgItem = xFileDlg.SelectedItems.Item(1)
        xFileName = Dir(xFileDlgItem & "\")
        Do While xFileName <> ""
            If InStr(1, xFileName, ".jpg") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".png") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".img") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".ioc") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".bmp") > 0 Then
                xRg.Offset(I).Value = xFileDlgItem & "\" & xFileName
                I = I + 1
            End If
            xFileName = Dir
    End If
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

4. Press F5 key, then a dialog pops out for you to select a cell to place the picture names.
doc list picture name 1

5. Click OK to continue selecting the folder you want to list the picture names in Browse dialog.
doc list picture name 3

6. Click OK, now all picture names in the selected folder have been list in Excel.
doc list picture name 13

Note: In the VBA code, you can jpg/png/… in the code string If InStr(1, xFileName, ".jpg") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".png") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".img") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".ioc") + InStr(1, xFileName, ".bmp") > 0 Then to the file extension you need, for example, if you want to list file names of the file in doc format, only change the code string to If InStr(1, xFileName, ".doc") > 0 Then.

If you usually need to list one or all formats’ file names of a folder in Excel cell in your daily work, the code is complex and no easy to handle, but, with below way, you can quickly solve this job.

ot move

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List picture names or specific format file names of a folder in Excel with Filename List

Here is a utility – Filename List in Kutools for Excel, which can

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>> list the file names in one or several file formats you specify to Excel;

>> list file names including subfolders and hidden files and folders to Excel.

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After free installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:

1. Enable the workbook you want to list the file names, then click Kutools Plus > Import/Export > Filename List.
doc list picture name 4

2. In the Filename List dialog, firstly, click  doc list picture name 5 to select a folder that you want to list its file names, then you can check the checkboxes of Include files in subdirectories and Include hidden files and folders as you need.
doc list picture name 6

3. Then select the file format you want to list the names in Files type section.

Check All files option, it will list all the file names in all the file formats in the selected folder
doc list picture name 7
Check Common option, and select the specific file format you want to list the file names from the drop down list, then it will list all the file names of the file format you choose in the drop down list
doc list picture name 8
Check Specify option, then type the file extensions (using comma to separate them) you want to list the file names in the textbox, then it will only list the file names with the inputting file extensions in Excel
doc list picture name 9

4. Choose the size unit as you need from the drop down list in File size unit section, if you want to create a link to the file names, check Create hyperlinks option.

doc list picture name 10 doc list picture name 11

5. Click Ok, a new sheet will be created to list the file names and some file information.
doc list picture name 12

Tip: if you want to list all sheet names in Excel, you can apply Kutools for Excel’ Create List of Sheet Names utility, it will create a new sheet to list all linkable sheet names.
create sheet name list

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Download Sample File


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    JJB · 8 months ago
    Hey! This is super quick and thanks
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    Leonie · 1 years ago
    Thanks so much for this!

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    Andrej · 1 years ago
    In Libreoffice Calc I use the function of importing a list of files into the rows / columns of a Calc table, via Macro and based on certain criteria - I have created a button on the toolbar for this particular macro, and after pressing it, I select a folder, and the list of images is immediately inserted into a new document. How to make it as easy as possible in Excel? I have a lot of folders that contain 1 or more images and I need to:
    > If the folder contains 1 image, I need it to be on a new line in Excel.
    > If the folder contains more images, the first being on a new line and the second either:
    - next to the first in the same row (in one column), separated by the character | (example: photo 1.jpeg | photo 2.jpeg)
    - or to have their names in the columns (even without the | character) (the first option would be better, but the second is enough as well)
    These are the product images whose names I need for import into Woocommerce - via a csv file.
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    Ceki · 1 years ago
    Amazing! Thank you for sharing!
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    Mayank · 1 years ago
    As per the above code I am getting the the images name in an incrementing order, however the path where the images are being placed are in numeric incrementation.

    Kindly suggest how I can keep the same formatting.
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    Omila · 1 years ago
    How to export an image with specific file name in excel.
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    THE HELPER · 3 years ago
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      Alexandre · 3 months ago
      Now it works for me. Thanks!!!
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished. · 3 years ago
    Is it possible that there is something wrong with the code? The file explorer is showing my folder full of images (.png) as empty.
  • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
    Tanner · 3 years ago
    Is it possible something is wrong with the code? Because it shows folders full of images (.png) as empty when it pulls up the box to select the photos.