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How to loop through files in a directory and copy data into a master sheet in Excel?

Supposing there are multiple Excel workbooks in a folder, and you want to loop through all these Excel files and copy data from specified range of same name worksheets into a master worksheet in Excel, what can you do? This article introduces a method to achieve it in details.

Loop through files in a directory and copy data into a master sheet with VBA code

Easily copy/import data from a closed workbook into a master worksheet:

With the Insert File at Cursor utility of Kutools for Excel, you can easily copy data from a specified worksheet of a closed workbook into an opened workbook. See screenshot:

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Loop through files in a directory and copy data into a master sheet with VBA code

If you want to copy specified data in range A1:D4 from all sheet1 of workbooks in a certain folder to a master sheet, please do as follows.

1. In the workbook you will create a master worksheet, press the Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. In the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window, click Insert > Module. Then copy below VBA code into the code window.

VBA code: loop through files in a folder and copy data into a master sheet

Sub Merge2MultiSheets()
    Dim xRg As Range
    Dim xSelItem As Variant
    Dim xFileDlg As FileDialog
    Dim xFileName, xSheetName, xRgStr As String
    Dim xBook, xWorkBook As Workbook
    Dim xSheet As Worksheet
    On Error Resume Next
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    Application.EnableEvents = False
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    xSheetName = "Sheet1"
    xRgStr = "A1:D4"
    Set xFileDlg = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
    With xFileDlg
        If .Show = -1 Then
            xSelItem = .SelectedItems.Item(1)
            Set xWorkBook = ThisWorkbook
            Set xSheet = xWorkBook.Sheets("New Sheet")
            If xSheet Is Nothing Then
                xWorkBook.Sheets.Add(after:=xWorkBook.Worksheets(xWorkBook.Worksheets.Count)).Name = "New Sheet"
                Set xSheet = xWorkBook.Sheets("New Sheet")
            End If
            xFileName = Dir(xSelItem & "\*.xlsx", vbNormal)
            If xFileName = "" Then Exit Sub
            Do Until xFileName = ""
               Set xBook = Workbooks.Open(xSelItem & "\" & xFileName)
                Set xRg = xBook.Worksheets(xSheetName).Range(xRgStr)
                xRg.Copy xSheet.Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Offset(1, 0)
                xFileName = Dir()
        End If
    End With
    Application.DisplayAlerts = True
    Application.EnableEvents = True
    Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub


1. In the code, “A1:D4” and “Sheet1” mean that data in range A1:D4 of all Sheet1 will be copied into the master sheet. And “New Sheet” is the name of the new created master sheet.

2. The Excel files in the specific folder should not open.

3. Press the F5 key to run the code.

4. In the opening Browse window, please select the folder contains the files you will loop through, and then click the OK button. See screenshot:

Then a master worksheet named “New Sheet” is created at the end of current workbook. And data in range A1:D4 of all Sheet1 in selected folder is listed inside the worksheet.

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    Lai Ling · 23 days ago
    thank you for the vba code! It works perfectly! Would like to know what is the code if i need to PASTE AS VALUE instead? Thx in advance!