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How to use data validation to only allow SSN number entered in Excel?

For recording the SSN number of all employees and forcing them to type the SSN number in xxx-xx-xxxx format in a column, you can use the Data Validation function to solve the problem.

Only allow SSN number entered by Data Validation

Only allow number entered by Prevent Typing good idea3

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doc force percentage 10
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Only allow SSN number entered by Data Validation

To allow SSN number entered only, just do as these:

1. Select the cells or column you want to type SSN number, right click to select Format Cells from the context menu.
doc only allow ssn format 1

2. In the Format Cells dialog, select Special from Categories pane, and choose Social Security Number from right section.

Or you can select Custom in left pane, then type 000-00-0000 in textbox in the right section.
doc only allow ssn format 2

3. Click OK, then click Data > Data Validation.
doc only allow ssn format 4

4. In the Data Validation dialog, under Settings tab, select Custom from Allow section, type this formula =AND(LEFT(F1,1)>="0",LEN(F1)<10,ISNUMBER(F1)) into the textbox of Formula.
doc only allow ssn format 5

5. Click OK. Now when you type SSN number string into the cells, it will be auto formatted as this:
doc only allow ssn format 6

If number of string are longer than nine characters, it will pop out a warning.
The warning pops out as well while the non-numeric characters entering.

Only allow number entered by Prevent Typing

If you just allow number characters entered in a column, you can apply the Prevent Typing utility of Kutools for Excel, which can help you to prevent special character entering or only allow special character entering.

1. Select the cells or column you only allow number entering, click Kutools > Prevent Typing > Prevent Typing.
doc only allow ssn format 7

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After installing Kutools for Excel, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Excel Now!)

2. In the Prevent Typing dialog, check Allow to type in these chars option, and type number 0-9 into the below textbox.
doc only allow ssn format 8

3. Click Ok, there are two reminding dialogs popping out, just click Yes > OK to close them.

doc only allow ssn format 9 doc only allow ssn format 9

Now the selected column only allow numbers enter, if not, a warning dialog will pop out as below screenshot shown.
doc only allow ssn format 11

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