How to return multiple matching values based on one or multiple criteria in Excel?

Normally, lookup a specific value and return the matching item is easy for most of us by using the VLOOKUP function. But, have you ever tried to return multiple matching values based on one or more criteria as following screenshot shown? In this article, I will introduce some formulas for solving this complex task in Excel.

Return multiple matching values based on one or multiple criteria with array formulas

Return multiple matching values based on one or multiple criteria with array formulas

For example, I want to extract all names whose age is 28 and come from United States, please apply the following formula:

1. Copy or enter the below formula into a blank cell where you want to locate the result:

=INDEX($B$2:$B$11, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($F$2, $C$2:$C$11)*COUNTIF($G$2, $D$2:$D$11), ROW($A$2:$D$11)-MIN(ROW($A$2:$D$11))+1), ROW(A1)), COLUMN(A1))

Note: In the above formula, B2:B11 is the column that the matching value is returned from; F2, C2:C11 are the first condition and the column data which contains the first condition; G2, D2:D11 are the second condition and the column data which contains this condition, please change them to your need.

2. Then, press Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys to get the first matching result, and then select the first formula cell and drag the fill handle down to the cells until error value is displayed, now, all matching values are returned as below screenshot shown:

Tips: If you just need to return all the matching values based on one condition, please apply the below array formula:

=IFERROR(INDEX($B$2:$B$11, SMALL(IF($F$2=$D$2:$D$11, ROW($D$2:$D$11)-ROW($D$2)+1), ROW(1:1))),"" )

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