How to subtract a number from a range of cells in excel?

If you want to subtract a number such as 99 from a range of cells in Excel, how can you quickly subtract the number and get the calculated results?

Subtract a number from a range of cells with Paste Special

Subtract a number from a range of cells with a Formula

Batch subtract a number from a range of cells without formula

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Easily add/subtract a certain number from a range of cells with or without formulas in Excel

arrow blue right bubble Subtract a number from a range of cells with Paste Special function

With this method, you can do as the following steps:

1. Insert the number 99 into a blank cell and copy it.

2. Highlight the range that you would like to subtract the number from, and click Home > Paste > Paste Special. See screenshot below:.

3.In the Paste Special dialog box, select All option in the Paste section, check Subtract option in the Operation section, and click the OK button. See screenshot above:

The specified number 99 has been subtracted from the range of cells. And then delete the number 99.

arrow blue right bubble Subtract a number from a range of cells with a Formula

Here a simple formula also can help you. Take the above data for example:

1. In cell C1, input the formula: =A1-99 (99 is a variable, it can be replaced by other numbers as you need), and press the Enter key,

2. Keep the Cell C1 selected, and drag its AutoFill handle to the range as you need. And then all cells are extracted 99. See screenshot above.

3. As calculating results are formulas, you can copy these formulas cells, select a blank cell, right click and select the Values (V) to replace the formulas with their calculated results. See screenshot:

doc subtract number 05

arrow blue right bubble Batch subtract a number from a range of cells without formula

With Kutools for Excel, you can not only apply the add, subtract, multiply, divide operation, but also can apply some complex calculation, such as rounding, exponentiation, custom expression or function operation.

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If you have installed Kutools for Excel, please do as follows:

1.Select the range you want to subtract a number, and click Kutools > More > Operation Tools,see screenshot:

2. In the Operation Tools dialog box, select Subtraction from Operation, input the number 99 in the Operand box, and then click OK or Apply.

And then the range of cells will be subtracted by the number 99. See screenshot:

Note: If you want to create formulas as well, you can check Create formulas option. If the selected cells include formulas, and you don’t want to subtract the calculated results of formulas, please check Skip formula cells option.

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arrow blue right bubbleDemo: subtract a number from a range of cells with/without formulas

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ad add substract year month week 1

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subratction through column
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i want to Subtraction with formula like as use product witch use continue many number of multiply, sach as any formula of Subtraction.Sac h as

Not use one by one to be continue.
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Permalink +1 Tony
I have a number like 500 and i have a tall list like , 20, 10, 50, 70, 90 and i will input in more data as when items are requested. i want a formula that will automatically subtract from the 500 any time a request is made. for example Mr. A requested 50 today so the difference now will be 450. if Mr. B also request 50 tomorrow i want excel to automatically deduct it from the stock of 500 and give me 400.
2016-04-11 15:26 Reply Reply with quote Quote
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