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How to print current printing date or page numbers on emails in Outlook?

For some important email messages, you may want to print them with current date or page numbers showing on the email message in order to easily keep them in file. The following tutorial will show you how to insert current printing date and page numbers on email header or footer and print it out in Outlook.

Print current printing date or page numbers on emails in Outlook

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arrow blue right bubblePrint current printing date or page numbers on emails in Outlook

For printing current date or page numbers on emails, please do as follows.

Step 1. Select the email message that you want to print.

Step 2. Then click File > Print > Print Options. (In Outlook 2007, just click File > Print).

Or you can press Ctrl + P to get into the Print section and then click Print Options. See screenshot:

Note: Make sure that the print setting is the Memo Style.

Step 3. In the Print dialog, please click Page Setup button.

Step 4. The in the popping up Page Setup: Meno Style dialog:

1. Select Header/Footer tab;

2. Click the position of text box where you want to insert the date or page numbers under Header or Footer section.

For inserting current printing date:

In the below screenshot, you can see there are textboxes marked from left to right with A, B, C. If you click on the A textbox, and then click the Date Printed button , it means that the printing date is inserted on the left of the page header. And B and C are the middle and the right of the page headers.

For inserting page numbers:

Generally speaking, we insert page numbers at the bottom of the pages. In this case, I will insert the page numbers in the middle of the footer.

Please click on the B textbox under Footer, and then click the Page button or the Total Pages button



1. You can configure the font of the inserted date or page numbers by clicking the Font button; and check the Reverse on even pages box to reverse the position on the even pages.

2. If you want to insert the page number style like 1 of 12, you need to enter a word “of” between the Page and the Total pages area. See screenshot:

Step 5. Click OK in the Page Setup: Meno Style dialog.

Step 6. When it returns to the previous Print dialog, click Preview button to preview and make sure the date or the page numbers are inserted correctly.

Step 7: Select your printer and then click Print to print the email.

After printing, you can see the result as follows.

Current printing date:

Page numbers:


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