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How to send meeting update to one (new) attendee only in Outlook?

Let’s say you have sent a meeting invitation via Outlook to many people, and you have been making the meeting schedule and recording the planning process in the meeting. Now you need to send the panning process to your manager only, how could you do? Actually, Microsoft Outlook allows users to send meeting updates to one or new attendee only.

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To send meeting updates to only one attendee in Microsoft Outlook, you can do as following:

Step 1: Shift to the Calendar view, and open the meeting that you will send meeting update to one attendee only, and update your meeting as well.
Step 2: In the Meeting window, click the To button.

Step 3: In the coming Select Attendees and Resources dialog box, find out and select the attendee that you will send update to, click the Required -> button, then click the OK button.

Note: If you can remember the attendee’s email address clearly, please skip the Step 2 and Step 3, and just enter the attendee’s email address into the To field directly.

Step 4: Now you get back to the Meeting window, click the Send Update button.

Step 5: In the popping up Send Update to Attendees dialog box, check the option of Send updates only to added or deleted attendees, and click the OK button.

Note: Even if the new added attendee is included in the primary attendees that you sent to meeting invitation for the first time, the duplicate attendees will be removed automatically after sending the meeting update.

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    Matt L. · 12 days ago
    THE WORKAROUND POSTED BY "DND" WORKS. Just "Forward" the invitation to the person you want to add. It will be sent only to that person and nobody else. You will also notice that this new person has now been added automatically to your Attendee list.
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    Jackie · 2 months ago
    I followed the instructions and it went to all again.
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    DND · 2 months ago
    A work around that has been working for me is to simply forward the meeting invite to the person you want to add to the list. If you go to calendar view, right click on the meeting you want the person to attend, and click "Forward," you can then put just that individual person's name down and hit send. This does not re-send out the invite to everyone on the meeting, but it does get that person the meeting invite and it adds that person's name to your invitee list under "To...". Hope that helps!
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    Rhian · 2 months ago
    Step 5 doesn't appear for me or my colleagues either. My job predominantly involved calendar management and not having the ability to add members without sending it to everyone, makes me look unprofessional. I can't find anything to fix this online.
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    CLoz · 5 months ago
    Can't get the box for step 5 either,