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How to open attachments in edit mode (not read-only/protected view) in Outlook?

Author: Kelly Last Modified: 2020-06-09

For example you received an email with an attachment of Word document in Outlook. When you double click the attachment to open it, the Word document is opening in Protect view, and then goes to the Read-only view after clicking the Enable Editing button. So how could you to open attachments in edit mode directly in Outlook? Two things you need to do:

Open attachments in edit mode in Outlook

Part 1: Prevent attachments from opening in Protected mode/view

First of all, you need to disable the protected view for Outlook attachments. This needs you to uncheck the Enable Protect View for Outlook attachments option in Microsoft Office programs.

For example you want to open the Attachments of Word documents directly in Outlook, Please do as follows:

1. Create a Word document, and click File > Options.

2. In the opening Word Options dialog box, click the Trust Center in the left bar, and then click the Trust Center Settings button. See screenshot:

3. Now in the Trust Center dialog box, click the Protected View in the left bar, and uncheck the Enable Protect View for Outlook attachments option. See screenshot:

4. Click OK > OK buttons to save the Word options, and then close the document without saving.

From now one, all attachments of Word documents won’t be opened in Protect view in Outlook.

Note: To prevent other types of Outlook attachments (says workbooks) from opening in Protect view, you need to uncheck the Enable Protect View for Outlook attachments in corresponding Microsoft Office programs (such as Excel).

Prevent attachments from opening in read-only mode/view in Outlook

Secondly, you can prevent attachment from opening in Read-only mode in Outlook with below steps:

5. In Outlook, go to the Mail view, open the mail folder containing the email with the specified attachment, and then open the email with double clicking.

6. Now the email opens in Message window. Please click Message > Actions > Edit Message. See screenshot:

7. Go to the Attachment Bar, and double click the specified attachment to open it.

8. And in the Opening Mail Attachment dialog box, please click the Open button.

And now the specified attachment is opening in edit mode directly (neither in Protect view nor in the Read-only view).

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save attachments in multiple emails kto9

Demo: open attachments in edit mode (not read-only/protected view) in Outlook

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Всем привет! У меня вот такой вопрос, опишу ситуацию: письмо с вложением например Excel файл при нажатии пытается открыться в Outlook а не в Excel и открытия не происходит...программа в ожидании. я скачиваю вложение и открываю его двойным кликом и в этот момент Excel пытается открыть файл но ничего не происходит...жду долго....отменяю...кликаю правой клавишей на скачанный файл и в свойствах ставлю галочку на "Разблокировать" и тогда файл открывается...В настройках безопасности я снял все три галочки чтобы в Outlook я мог все вложения открывать в режиме редактирования...но не помогло...подскажите что сделать? стоит MS Office2019
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I have a question - I get the protective view part, it prompts you to think for a second before enabling content. But read only on ALL attachments? Why there is such a setting in the first place. How can I permanently disable this setting in outlook?
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Go into File - Options -- General -- Start up Options and uncheck: Open e-mail and other uneditable files in reading view It will open right up without Read Only.
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I have tried all of the above and nothing is working. My attachments are still showing in read-only view. Also I don't have the option to 'Open email and other uneditable files' in my start up options under General??
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3 years later and still usefull, I found that Meredith referred to Word-Options, not Outlook. So 'Open email and other uneditable files' should be an additional step between 4 and 5 in Wors options dialog.
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