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How to change a subfolder to folder in Outlook?

For example, there is a subfolder under the Inbox folder in Outlook, and now you want to move the subfolder out of the Inbox folder, and save it as an independent folder, how could you get it done? See below solution:

Change a subfolder to folder in Outlook

Change a subfolder to folder in Outlook

Actually, you can easily change a subfolder to an independent folder with dragging and dropping on the Navigation Pane directly in Outlook.

On the Navigation Pane, select the subfolder you want to change, drag and drop it until the email account name is highlighted. See screenshot:

Note: If there is a Microsoft Outlook dialog box popping out, please click the Yes button to go ahead.

And now the selected subfolder is moved and changed as an independent folder under the specified email account. See screenshot:

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    Arno · 2 years ago
    I was able to do via my phone (Most famous non-android phone os) through IMAP, odd...
    Went to my Mails, clicked "Edit" in the above right corner, Selected the subfolder in question, MAILBOX LOCATION - Select root "Outlook" - Save - Done
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    MattMM · 3 years ago
    My solution for was to simply create a new folder of the same name, go the the subfolder you accidentally moved, select all messages in that folder, move to the new correct folder you made, delete the old sub folder. Long way to go, but it works. Would be nice if you could just drag a subfolder to the "Inbox" to make it a regular folder again.
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      guywire · 2 years ago
      Thanks MattMM. I was afraid I might have to do it that way. The drag&drop doesn't work; it just puts the subfolder into a different main folder. Drag & drop does not create a new main folder space, so the subfolder remains a subfolder for all of eternity. So much for Outlook's crappy development work.
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        Sally Dicken · 11 months ago
        So true, tried and tried and as you stated, just puts inside another folder. 😡
    • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
      Roy · 2 years ago
      It worked for me! Why didn't I think of doing that in the first place?!

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    Duncan · 4 years ago
    Some folders had somehow become subfolders and were driving me crazy!
    Thank you for this tip
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      Bessie · 3 years ago
      Mine is doing the same however these instructions are not helpful.
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        Seamus Barcoe · 2 years ago
        You can do it on the iPhone Mail App. - Open Mail App - Hit Edit in top tight corner - Scroll down to problematic folder - Click It - Change Mailbox Location - Select 'Outlook' - It will then go back up and join its parent folders
        • To post as a guest, your comment is unpublished.
          Touheed · 2 years ago
          Thanks. this helped for me. Great tip. Could not do it on google web browser.