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How to archive emails based on message size in Outlook?

As you know, all emails we sent and received are stored in Outlook automatically. After a long time, emails pile up and the Outlook may work heavily and slowly. To work fast, you can reduce the Outlook size with moving big emails out. Here, in this article I will show you how to archive big emails based on message size easily.

Archive emails based on message size in Outlook

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This method will guide you to move all big emails to a new folder by size, and then archive the new folder manually in Outlook. Please do as follows:

1. In the Mail view, (1) select the mail folder where you will archive big emails from, (2) type the query command size: >5KB in the Instant Search box, and (3) click Search > Current Folder (or other search scope as you need). See screenshot:

Note: In the query command size: >5KB, 5KB is the specified size you will archive emails by, and you can change it as you need.

2. Select all search results in the mail list, right click, and select Move > Other Folder from the context menu. See screenshot:

Note: You can easily select all search results with clicking any search result, and then pressing Ctrl + A keys simultaneously.

3. Now specify the destination folder you will move emails to as follows: (1) in the opening Move Items dialog, please click New button, (2) in the Create New Folder dialog box, name the new folder, (3) specify where to place the new folder, and (4) click the OK button twice to close two dialog boxes. See screenshot:

4. Now all emails greater than the specified size are moved from the specified search scope to the new folder. Go ahead to click File > Info > Tools > Clean Up Old Items (or File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive).


5. In the Archive dialog box, please configure the archive settings as right screenshot shown:
(1) Check the Archive this folder and all subfolders option;
(2) Select the new folder you moved emails to just now in the below list box;
(3) Type Tomorrow in the Archive items to older than box;
(4) Click the Browse button. See screenshot:


6. In the Open Outlook Data Files dialog box, type a name for the new archive PST file in the File name box, and click the OK button. See below screenshot:

7. Now you return to the Archive dialog box, please click the OK button. And then click the Yes button in the popping out Microsoft Outlook dialog box. See screenshot:

So far, you have archived emails by the specified size in Outlook already.

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