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How to save contact photos in Outlook?

Let’s say you have added photos for many contacts in Outlook before, and now you want to save these contact photos as separate images, how could you deal with it? There are two solutions for you:

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arrow blue right bubbleSave the photo of one contact in Outlook

To save a certain contact’s photo in Outlook, please do as follows:

1. Open the contact folder containing the specified contact, and change the folder view by clicking View > Change View > List. See screenshot:

2. Double click to open the specified contact whose photo you will save.

3. In the contact window, please right click the contact photo, and select Copy from the right-clicking menu. See screenshot:

4. Put the cursor in the Notes box, and press Ctrl + V keys to paste the photo into the Notes box.

5. Right click the pasted photo in the Notes box, and select Save as Picture from the right-clicking menu. See screenshot:

6. In the popping out File Save dialog box, please (1) open the destination folder you will save the photo in, (2) type a name for the new photo in the File name box, (3) specify an image type from the Save as type drop down list, and finally (4) click the Save button. See screenshot:

7. Close the Contact window without saving changes.

So far, the photo of specified contact has been saved as an individual image already.

arrow blue right bubbleSave all photos of all contacts in Outlook

If you need to save the photos of all contacts in a contact folder in Outlook, please try below VBA.

1. Open the specified contact folder where you will save all contact photos, and press Alt + F11 keys to open the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications window.

2. Click Insert > Module, and then paste below VBA code into the new module window.

VBA: Batch save photos of all contacts in Outlook

Sub SaveAllContactsPhotos()
Dim xNameSpace As NameSpace
Dim xFdrContacts As MAPIFolder
Dim xItemContact As ContactItem
Dim xAttachments As Outlook.Attachments
Dim xAttach As Attachment
Dim xItems As Outlook.Items
Dim xName As String
Dim xPath, xFileName As String
Set xFdrContacts = Application.ActiveExplorer.CurrentFolder
On Error Resume Next
Set xShell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
Set xFolder = xShell.BrowseForFolder(0, "Select a folder:", 0, strStartingFolder)
If Not TypeName(xFolder) = "Nothing" Then
Set xFolderItem = xFolder.self
xFileName = xFolderItem.Path & "\"
xFileName = ""
Exit Sub
End If
For I = 1 To xFdrContacts.Items.Count
Set xItemContact = xFdrContacts.Items(I)
Set xAttachments = xItemContact.Attachments
For Each xAttach In xAttachments
If xAttach.FileName = "ContactPicture.jpg" Then
xName = xItemContact.FirstName & xItemContact.LastName
xPath = xFileName & xName & ".jpg"
xAttach.SaveAsFile (xPath)
End If
Set xShell = Nothing
End Sub

Note: This VBA will save all contact photos as JPG images. For saving as other image type, please change the .jpg in the code xPath = xFileName & xName & ".jpg" to other extension names, such as .png, .gif, etc.

3. Press the F5 key or the Run button to run this VBA.

4. In the popping out Browse For Folder dialog box, please select the destination folder you will save the photos into, and click the OK button. See screenshot:

Now all contact photos in the selected contact folder are saved as individual .jpg (or another image type as you specified) images in bulk.

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    jelisse · 1 years ago
    I have discovered an easy way to save outlook contacts information with photos. Select all, copy and paste in word document. Then double click on selected contacts to reinstall into outlook.