How to export email to msg file in Outlook?

In some cases, you may want to export one email from the Outlook to the MSG file in your folder in the computer, how can you handle it? Here I will introduce the Save As function in Outlook to solve this job.

Export an email to MSG file in Outlook

Export emails to PDF/Excel/Word files in Outlookgood idea3

Save or Export Multiple emails to other fomat files(PDF/HTML/WORD/EXCEL) in Outlook

Sometimes, you may want to save or export the emails to a folder as other format files, such as PDF, Word or Excel files in Outlook. In Outlook, neither of the Save as and Export function can handle this job. However, Kutools for Outlook's Save as file utility can export multiple emails to a folder as files with multiple formats at once time .    Click for 45 days free trial!
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Export an email to MSG file in Outlook

In Outlook, you can use the Save As function to export an Email to an MSG file.

1. Select the email in the email list, and then click File > Save As.
doc export email to msg 1

2. Then in the Save As dialog, select a folder to place the export file, and give a name for the file (by default, it is named with the subject contents).
doc export email to msg 2

3. Click Save, and then the email has been saved in the folder you specify.
doc export email to msg 3

Export emails to PDF/Excel/Word files in Outlook

In Outlook, the Save As function only can save email as text fie, MSG file, MHT file and HTML file. If you want to save email to PDF, Excel or Word file, the Save as File utility of Kutools for Outlook can help you to save multiple emails to multiple formats at a time.

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1. Select the emails you want to export to another file format, click Kutools > Save as File. See screenshot:
doc export email to msg 4

2. In the Save messages as other files dialog, specify the folder you want to save the files into, then in the Select Save file format section, check the file formats you want to convert emails to. See screenshot:
doc export email to msg 5

3. Click Ok.

4. Now a dialog box comes out and shows how many messages have been converted. Please click the OK button to close it.

Now the emails you selected have been saved as the file formats you specified.
doc export email to msg 7

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