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How to highlight emails sent to specific email addresses in Outlook?

Suppose that you want to get a glimpse of the emails sent to specific recipients, the easiest way is to make them stand out among your email messages. In this tutorial, I will introduce a quick way to highlight the emails that were sent, or CC/BCC to specific email addresses.

Highlight emails sent to specific email addresses in Outlook

1. Select the email folder in which you will highlight the emails sent to specific recipients.

2. Click View > View Settings to open the Advanced View Settings dialog, and then click Conditional Formatting.

3. In the pop-up Conditional Formatting dialog box, please do as follows:
  • 3.1 Click Add to create a new rule.
  • 3.2 Name the rule in the input box next to Name. In this case, I will name it “Highlight emails sent to”.
  • 3.3 Once finished, click Condition to open the Filter dialog box.
4. In the pop-up Filter dialog box, switch to the Advanced tab, and then do as follows:
  • 4.1 Click on Field, and select Address fields > To.
  • 4.2 In the condition drop-down menu, select contains or is (exactly) as you wish.
  • 4.3 In the Value input box, enter the email address you will highlight the emails based on.
  • 4.4 Click Add to List to add the criterion.
  • 1) To highlight emails CC/BCC to specific email addresses in Outlook, select Bcc or Cc instead of To in the step 4.1.
  • 2) If you have already added an email address as a contact, in the Value input box, enter the contact’s name instead of the email address in the step 4.3.
  • 3) To add more email addresses, repeat the steps above as many times as you need.

5. Click OK to get back to the Conditional Formatting dialog. Now click on Font to choose your desired font, font style, font size, effect, color, and script for highlighting the messages as shown below.

6. Once finished, click the OK buttons to save the rule and get back to the email folder where the rule will go into effect. The emails that meet the conditions you set are highlighted as shown below.

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