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Google AI Studio API key: Creating, Pricing and Limits

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, having access to robust AI tools can significantly enhance your projects. Google AI Studio, known for its cutting-edge technology, offers a suite of APIs that empower developers and data scientists alike. This article walks you through the process of applying for a Google AI Studio API key, detailing why you need it, and the steps to acquire one. We'll also delve into the pricing and usage limits to give you a complete understanding.

The Importance of a Google AI Studio API Key

Steps to Create the API Key

Pricing and the Rate Limits of the API key

The Importance of a Google AI Studio API Key


Google AI Studio provides access to advanced machine learning models and AI tools that can transform the way you analyze data, automate tasks, and implement AI features into your applications. An API key acts as a passport, granting authenticated access to these resources, ensuring secure and efficient integration with your projects.

With a Google AI Studio API key, you can tap into a range of services, including natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. Whether you're building a smart chatbot, automating image recognition tasks, or forecasting trends, the API key unlocks the potential to leverage Google's AI capabilities in your applications.

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Steps to Create the API Key

Step 1: Access the Google AI Studio API Key Portal
Pro tip: To generate an API key for Google AI Studio, a Google account is mandatory. If you don't already have a Google account, please create one before proceeding.
  1. Navigate to the Website: Copy the following URL and paste it into your web browser's address bar:

  2. Log In: Use your Google credentials to sign in. You'll then be directed to the main page of the Google AI Studio API Key portal.

    Now you have entered into the Google AI Studio API Key website.

    Important Note:

    For first-time visitors to the portal, a pop-up window may appear with important information or terms. Ensure you read these carefully, select all necessary agreements, and then click the Continue button to proceed.

Step 2: Create an API key
  1. Initiate API Key Creation: Navigate to the Get API key section and click Create API key button.

  2. Create Key in a New Project: In the popping Create API key dialog box, select the option to Create API key in a new project. This action triggers the generation of a new API key.

  3. Copy the API Key: Once your API key is generated, you'll see an option to Copy the key. Click this button to copy the API key. For safekeeping, paste and save it in a secure file or location where you can easily retrieve it for later use. Then close the API key generated dialog.

    Managing Your API Key: Back in the Get API key section, your newly created API key will now be listed. Here, you have the option to view the key by clicking on it. If necessary, you can also delete the key by selecting the trash icon.


It's possible to generate multiple API keys for different purposes. For creating an additional API key, follow these refined steps:

  1. Initiate Another API Key Creation: When you're ready to create another API key, simply click on the Create API key button again.

  2. Select an Existing Project: This time, instead of starting a new project, use the Search Google Cloud projects bar to find and select one of your existing projects where you want the new API key to be associated.

  3. Generate the New API Key: After selecting the desired project, click on the Create API key in existing project button. This action will promptly generate a new API key for your selected project.

    The new API key will now be available and listed within the same section as your previous keys, ready for you to copy, use, or manage as needed.

Pricing and the Rate Limits of the API key


🔵Pricing: Free

The API key is provided at no cost. Both sending requests to and receiving responses from the service are currently free.

🔵Rate Limits

2 RPM: The service permits up to 2 queries per minute in Gemini 1.5 Pro. (If you are using Gemini 1.0 Pro, the service permits up to 15 queries per minute.)

32,000 TPM: The service permits up to 32,000 tokens per minnute. Tokens can be thought of as fragments of words; roughly, 1,000 tokens equate to about 750 words.

50 RPD: The service permits up to 50 queries per day.


When you use Google’s services, you’re trusting Google with your information and allowing Google to collect your information for improving their products.

If you find the free version of Gemini too limiting for your use, Google has also released a paid version of Gemini, which you can use as needed.

Obtaining a Google AI Studio API key opens a world of possibilities for integrating AI and machine learning into your projects. By following the steps outlined above, you can secure access to Google's powerful AI tools, enriching your applications with advanced capabilities. With an understanding of the pricing and usage limits, you can also ensure that your use of Google AI Studio remains cost-effective and sustainable.

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