How to insert file path and name into documents footer or header in word?

Inserting file path and name into document footer or header will help us know the location of the document. This tutorial will show you how to insert file path and name in footer or header in word.

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Step 1: Go to Insert tab> Footer > Edit Footer, and select the footer style you want. (If there is not footer in the document, you need to insert footer at first.) See screenshot:

Step 2: Click Insert / Design > Quick Parts > Field to bring up a dialog. See screenshots:

Step 3: Scroll through the Field Names to select File Name and then check Add path to filename under Field options, and click Ok. See screenshot:

You will see the result as shown as below:


1. You also can quickly find Filename by clicking Document Information under Categories drop box first, see screenshot:

2. If you want to keep the formatting of the file during updates, please check

3. If you move and rename the file, the path and name will need to be refreshed. Select the path and name, then Right click and select Update Field. See screenshot:


You also can use this way to insert file path and name into document Header.


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Permalink +4 Sankaran
Wonderful explanation with screenshots
Thanks a lot
2014-02-07 05:48 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink +2 olivehound
One used to just right click in the footer and select 'add file name and path. Why do they have to fix things that are not broken?
2014-10-09 13:16 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Carrie
To avoid any confusion, rather than 'Click Insert / Design', it is 'Click HEADER design tab' (which is a long way to the right). The instruction Click Insert / Design is ambiguous as in word 2013 (or in mine at least) there is a DESIGN tab (near the left) which doesn't have Quick Parts.
2014-11-12 10:44 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Albert Grace
Fantastic and easy to understand. Really helped me out.
2015-01-15 11:24 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Albert Grace
Fantastic really easy to understand. Lot of Hard work gone in this. Well done.
2015-01-15 11:25 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Ali Nawaz
Thank you very much.......... you rocks
2015-04-15 14:00 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Richard Calenius
Very helpful. Thanks for the directions!
2015-05-22 17:54 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink 0 Mrinal K. Mandi
Thanks.....very helpful.
2015-06-30 16:35 Reply Reply with quote Quote
Permalink -1 Jogi Asad Ali
Its very much helpful,I applied and found it very much comprehensive. thanks
2015-07-22 06:34 Reply Reply with quote Quote
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