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How to merge comments and changes from multiple documents in Word?

If you send an original document to others for checking, the comments and changes in the checked documents must be different after you receiving them back. In order to easily distinguish the differences among the checked documents, you may need to merge the comments and changes from multiple documents into a document. How can you do?

Merge comments and changes from multiple documents in Word

Merge comments and changes from multiple documents in Word

1. Open a Word document, and click Review > Compare > Combine. See screenshot:

2. In the Combine Documents dialog, please:
(1) Click the Browse button besides the Original document box, select the original document you will merge in the Open dialog box, and finally click the Open button. See screenshot:
(2) Click the Browse button besides the Revise document box, select the revised document you will merge in the Open dialog box, and click the Open button.

3.Now in the Combine Documents dialog box, please click the More button to expand more options. See screenshot:

4. In the Combine Documents dialog box, (1) check the Comments option in the Comparison settings section, (2) check the Original document option in the Show changes section, and (3) click the OK button. See screenshot:

5. A Microsoft Word dialog pops up, please click Continue with Merge button. See screenshot:

And now you will see the original document has been combined with the first one of the checked document. See screenshot:
(1) The main changes and comments are shown in the left pane;
(2) The combined document is displayed in the middle section;
(3) The original document is show in above section of right pane, while the revised document is show in the below section.

Then repeat the above steps to combine all the checked documents

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ad merge documents dialogbox

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    Johnathon7 · 1 years ago
    Merge Documents

    1.) Click on the Review tab, then click Compare.

    2.) Under Original document, click the name of the document into which you want to combine the changes from multiple sources.

    3.) Under Revised document, browse for the document that contains the changes by one of the reviewers.

    4.) Click More.

    5.) Under Show changes, select the options for what you want to compare in the documents.

    By default, Microsoft Office Word shows changes to whole words. For example, if you change the word cat to cats, the entire word cats will show as changed in the document and not simply the characters.

    6.) Under Show changes in, click Original document.

    7.) Click OK.

    To change which documents appear on the screen when you click OK, in the Compare group, click Hide Source Documents or Show Source Documents.

    8.) Repeat steps 1-8. Word will merge all of the changes into the original document.

    Be sure to save your new version and rename it so there is no confusion between the different versions and the master copy. https://ifacetimeapp.com/