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How to insert document information in Word?

While you are editing a Word document, in sometimes, you may need to insert the document information such as file name, author, datetime and so on into it. Except type the information manually, you also can insert the information as fields which can be updated automatically while the information has been changed.

Insert document information as fields in Word

Insert file name or path to header or footer with Kutools for Wordgood idea3

Insert document information as fields in Word

To insert fields, just do as these steps:

1. Place the cursor at a location that you want to insert information, click Insert > Quick Parts > Field.
doc insert info 1

2. In the Field dialog, do as these:

1) Select the Document Information from drop down list of Categories.

2) Select Info from Field names list.

3) In Info categories list, choose the information you want to insert.

4) In Format, choose the format of information displayed.
doc insert info 2

3. Click OK. Then the specified document information has been inserted.

Insert file name or path to header or footer with Kutools for Word

If you want to insert document name or path to header or footer, I introduce the Insert File Information utility of Kutools for Word for you to quickly handle the job.

Kutools for Word, with more than 100 handy functions, makes your jobs easier. 

After installing Kutools for Word, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Word Now!)

1. Activate the Word document you want to insert file name or path, click Kutools > Insert File Information.
doc insert info 3

2. In the popping dialog, choose File name or File path option as you need, the specify the position to insert.
doc insert info 4

3. Click Ok. Then the information has been inserted.
doc insert info 5

Tip: If you want to update the fields, just right click at the field and select Update Field.

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