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How to add thousand separators to numbers in Word documents?

Author: Sun Last Modified: 2024-07-04

Adding thousand separators to numbers in a Word document can greatly enhance readability, especially when dealing with large figures. While Microsoft Word does not have a direct feature for adding thousand separators, there are efficient methods to achieve this using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or a handy tool like Kutools for Word.

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to add thousand separators to numbers in your Word document using both VBA and Kutools for Word.

Add thousand separators with VBA

Add thousand separators with Kutools for Wordgood idea3

Add thousand separators with VBA

Sometimes, one number needed to be inserted several thousand separators. In this case, you can use VBA code.

1. Select the number you want to insert thousand separators, press Alt + F11 keys to open Microsoft Visual basic for Applications window.

2. Click Insert > Module, copy and paste below code to the Module.

VBA: Add thousand separators to number

Sub AddCommasToNumbers()
    Dim xWarp As Integer
    If Selection.Type = wdSelectionIP Then
        ActiveDocument.Range(0, 0).Select
        xWarp = wdFindContinue
        xWarp = wdFindStop
    End If
    With Selection.Find
        .Text = "[0-9]{4,}"
        .Replacement.Text = ""
        .Forward = True
        .Wrap = xWarp
        .Format = False
        .MatchCase = False
        .MatchWholeWord = False
        .MatchAllWordForms = False
        .MatchSoundsLike = False
        .MatchWildcards = True
        Do While .Execute
            Selection.Text = Format$(Selection.Text, "#,##0")
            If xWarp = wdFindContinue Then
                Selection.Collapse wdCollapseEnd
                Exit Sub
            End If
    End With
End Sub

3. Press F5 key, thousand separators have been inserted to the selected number.
doc add thousand separator 3

Add thousand separators with Kutools for Word

If you want to insert separators to multiple numbers in selection or the whole document in Word, the Add Thousand Separator utility of Kutools for Word can solve this job by clicks.

Kutools for Word, equipped with AI 🤖, offers over 100 handy features to simplify your tasks.

After installing Kutools for Word, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Word Now!)

For adding thousand separators to all numbers in the whole document, do no select any data, and click Kutools > Add Thousand Separator.
doc add thousand separator 4

Some dialogs pop out to ensure if you want to apply this function to the whole document, click Yes > OK.
doc add thousand separator 5 doc add thousand separator 6

Now all numbers have been inserted thousand separators.
doc add thousand separator 7

If you want to add thousand separators to numbers in selection, select the numbers and click Kutools > Add Thousand Separator.
doc add thousand separator 8

Note: If you want to remove the thousand separators, you can click Kutools > Remove > Remove Thousand Separator.

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A simpler way is just to copy "002C" and paste in the "character code" box and click insert.
no need to select Verdana or Basic Latin
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Thanks for your macro. But it has two problem:
1) After using macro, leading zero of numbers like phone number will be removed!!!
2) Macro works bad for number with more than 30 digits.!!!
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