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How to remove all footnotes quickly in Word?

Footnotes are used for detail comments in printed documents, and it consists of two parts- the note reference mark and the corresponding note text. Microsoft Office Word always places footnotes at the end of each page. Many users are wondering how to remove footnote or remove which part of footnote. This tutorial will show you the different ways to remove the footnotes from document.

Remove footnotes from document manually

Remove all footnotes with Find and Replace Function

Remove all footnotes with one click by Kutools for Wordgood idea3

Remove footnotes from document manually

When you want to remove the footnotes manually in Word, you need to work with the note reference mark in document window not the text in the note. What is the note reference mark? See the following figure:


To remove footnotes from document manually, do the following steps:

Step 1: Select the note reference mark of footnote that you want to remove;


Step 2: Press Delete.

Obviously, remove footnote manually is not difficult. But what if there are many footnotes in the document and you want remove them all? Then manually remove will be tedious and time consuming.

Remove all footnotes with Find and Replace function

Find and Replace function can remove all footnotes from document easier and free user from one by one operation. Find and Replace function remove footnotes, as follows:

Step 1: Select the Replace button from the Editing section of the Home ribbon;


Step 2: Place the cursor in the Find What box, and select Footnote Mark from the Special drop down list (or type “^f” into the Find What box);


Step 3: Click the Replace All button.

Find and Replace function does well in removing all footnotes comparing with manually operation.

Remove all footnotes with one click by Kutools for Word

Kutools for Word provides the easiest and fastest way to remove footnotes. You can remove all the footnotes from a part of document or the whole document.

Kutools for Word, with groups of handy functions, makes your jobs easier.

After installing Kutools for Word, please do as below:(Free Download Kutools for Word Now!)

Click Kutools > More > Remove Footnotes from drop down list.

doc remove footnotes 1

Then a dialog pops out to remind you ensure remove all footnotes from the whole document. Click Yes to go on removing footnotes, click No to cancel.
doc remove footnotes 2

If you want to remove footnotes from part of documen, select the part, then apply Remove Footnotes.

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ad split documents by page
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Thank you so much, this tutorial helped me lot...
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Thank you. Worked great.
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Much obliged pal...Thank you so much for this great tip!
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Thanks! Was useful for me. :)
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But how to remove the separators in Word 2011 for Mac? Following all the instructions but they won't delete.
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I wish this would work to delete separators. I've followed all the instructions but they won't delete. I have a MacBook Pro, Yosemite 10.10. Nothing I've found so far works and I have to submit a paper.
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I have been revising my WORD document and tried to pay close attention to the footnotes. Now they list from 1 - 8, then the next one is 10. I have searched the document very carefully visually between the document 8 footnote symbol and the document 10 footnote symbol and cannot find the footnote 9 in the document body. The footnote 9 narrative has also been deleted. Is there any way to resolve this situation? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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Not trying to delete all footnotes. Rather, trying to delete just one, which does not appear in the document or at the bottom of the page. My footnotes run from 1 to 8, then jump to 10. I cannot find 9 anywhere. :-(
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