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Excel Formula: Combine cells with line break

In Excel, sometimes, you may want to combine cells into one cell with line break as below screenshot shown. Here, in this tutorial, it introduces two formulas to solve this task with examples.
doc combine cells with line break 1

Generic formula:

Formula 1


Formula 2



Text_1,Text_2, Text_n: the text strings you want to combine into one cell.
CHAR(10): the character code 10 which represents line break in Excel.

How this formula work

For instance, combine cell B2, C2 and D2 into one cell with line break. Using the formula:




Press Enter key, then select the formula cell, and click Home > Wrap Text, then the cell B2, C2 and D2 are combined into one cell with line breaks.
doc combine cells with line break 2


The CONCATENATE function is used to combine multiple values into one cell.


In different office systems, the line break punctuation is represented by different character codes. In Windows is the CHAR(10), but in Mac system, is the CHAR(13).

If you want to add line break by OS (Office System), you just need one step before using above formulas.

In a blank cell, cell B1, type this formula


doc combine cells with line break 3

This formula will adjust the line break character according to the environment you work.

Then in the cell you want to place the combined result, for instance, cell E4, just type the formula




B4, C4 and D4 are the text strings you want to combine, the B1 is the cell containing the IF(INFO) formula.
doc combine cells with line break 4

Sample File

doc sampleClick to download sample file

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