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Convert decimal number to IP address

If you have a string of decimal numbers such as 192168421 that you need to convert to an IP address as192.168.42.1, how can you quickly solve this job with an Excel formula?
doc decimal to ip 1

Convert decimal number to IP address with formula

Formula syntax



  • Number: Required, the decimal number that you want to convert to an IP address.
  • 1: Required, it indicates to extract start from the first letter.
  • Num_of_digit: Required, the number of digits needed to be extracted.
  • Start_position2: Required, for the second part of the IP address, the position you want to extract numbers from.
  • Start_position3: Required, for the third part of the IP address, the position you want to extract numbers from.
  • Start_position4: Required, for the fourth part of the IP address, the position you want to extract numbers from.

Here are some examples in below table for you better understanding the formula.

Decimal IP Address
10255211 =MID(C2,1,2)&"."&MID(C2,3,3)&"."&MID(C2,6,2)&"."&MID(C2,8,1)
172161134 =MID(C3,1,3)&"."&MID(C3,4,2)&"."&MID(C3,6,2)&"."&MID(C3,8,2)
1921681225 =MID(C4,1,3)&"."&MID(C4,4,3)&"."&MID(C4,7,1)&"."&MID(C4,8,3)
17211255255 =MID(C5,1,3)&"."&MID(C5,4,2)&"."&MID(C5,6,3)&"."&MID(C5,9,3)

Sample File

doc sampleClick to download sample file

Relative Functions

  • Excel DECIMAL function
    The DECIMAL function converts a text representation of a number in a base into its equivalent decimal number. Take a instance, 11 is a text representation of 3 in base 2, using the formula =DECIMAL(11,2) convert 11 into decimal number 3.

Relative Formulas

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These formulas and examples are incorrect. IP Addresses will never be represented as all of their digits with the decimal points removed. That would be a useless number. If you did that, there would be no way to tell if 10255221 was supposed to be or or These are all valid IP addresses.

Dotted decimal notation (IP addresses) is just another form of notation, like binary or hexadecimal. It is 4, 8-bit, binary numbers, written in decimal notation, separated by decimal points. You can convert the numbers from one form to the other.

For example: = 00001010.11111111.00010110.00000001 = 0a.ff.16.01 (0x0aff1601)
00001010 = 10 = 0xa
11111111 = 255 = 0xff
00010110 = 22 = 0x16
00000001 = 1 = 0x1
00001010111111110001011000000001 = 184489473 = 0xaff1601 =

In decimal notation, = 184489473.
But DOES NOT = 10255221. Ever.
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