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Excel Formula: Count Days from Today

doc convert date to julia 1

This tutorial provides the best formula to calculate the difference between a date and today in Excel.

If you want to follow along with this tutorial, please download the example spreadsheet.
doc convert date to julia 1

Generic formula:


Syntaxt and Arguments

Date: the date that is used to count the number of days from today.

Return Value

The formula returns a numeric value.


Whether the given date is a past date or future date, it returns a positive value.

How this formula works

To count the days between today and the specific date in cell B3, please use below formula:


Press Enter key to get the result.
doc convert date to julia 1

Then drag auto fill handle over other cells to apply this formula as you need.
doc convert date to julia 1


TODAY function: returns the current date.

ISBLANK function: returns TRUE if the cell is empty, or return FALSE if the cell is not empty.

IF function: performs a simple logical test depending on the comparison result, and it returns one value if a result is TRUE, or the other value if the result is FALSE.

Here the formula IF(ISBLANK(B3),"",TODAY()-B3)
If ISBLANK(B3) returns TRUE, then the IF formula returns empty, if ISBLANK(B3) returns FALSE, then the IF formula returns TODAY()-B3.

ABS function: returns absolute value of a number.


1. If you want to return future days as positive value, past days as negative value, use the formula as
doc convert date to julia 1

2. If you want to return future days as negative value, past days as positive value, use the formula as
doc convert date to julia 1

Relative Formulas

Relative Functions

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