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Use double quotes in Excel formulas

When you add double quotes in a formula in Excel, Excel will recognize the characters enclosed in the quotes as a part of the actual text. This tutorial explains how to use double quotes in Excel formula.

How to use double quotes in formulas in Excel?

Generic formula




There are two ways for you to use the double quotes in formulas. They are:

  • 1. Without a function: Enclose text in double quotes directly.
  • 2. With a function: Display the double quotes by using the CHAR(34) function.

As the below example shown, D7 contains the below formula:

="A useful "&B5&" for "&""""&C5&""""

And returns the result: A useful Tool for "Excel".


  • 1. In this case, the text in C5 is wrapped inside double quotes (""). You can wrap the text in any cell with the below formula.
  • =""""&cell&""""
  • """": The 1st and the 4th quotes tell Excel this is text, and the 2nd quote tells Excel to escape the next 3rd double quote and takes it as a literal text. Here the result of """"&C5&"""" is "Excel".
  • 2. Additionally, you can use the CHAR function to insert double quotes in formula as well. See below formula:
  • ="A useful "&B5&" for "&CHAR(34)&C5&CHAR(34)
  • The CHAR(34) function returns a double quote (") and displays as literal text in cell.

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