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Create a summary count by month with COUNTIFS in Excel

In Excel, we can use the COUNTIFS function to count cells with given criteria, this tutorial will show you how to use this COUNTIFS function along with EDATE function to create a summary count by month in Excel.

Create a summary count by month with COUNTIFS and EDATE functions

To create a summary count by month, you can use a formula based on the COUNTIFS and EDATE functions, the generic syntax is:

  • date_range: The list of dates you want to count;
  • first_day_of_month: The cell that contains the first day of the month.

Assuming you have a list of dates in column A, now, you want to get a total count based on some specific months. In this case, you should enter the first days of the months that you want to count as below screenshot shown:

Then, please apply the following formula into a blank cell to put the result:


And then, drag the fill handle to copy this formula to other cells you need, and the total number of cells which belong to the certain month have been returned at once, see screenshot:

Explanation of the formula:


  • The COUNTIFS function is used to count the number of cells based on multiple criteria, in this formula, C2 is the first day of the month.
  • To get the total count per month, you need to provide another criteria –the first day of next month. This can be returned by using the EDATE function.
  • The whole formula means that the dates to be counted must be greater than or equal to the date in cell C2 and less than the first day of next month provided by the EDATE function.

Relative function used:

  • The COUNTIFS function returns the number of cells that meet one single criterion or multiple criteria.
  • EDATE:
  • The COUNTIFS function returns serial number which is n months in future or past.

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