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Excel FTEST Function

The FTEST function returns the result of an FTEST for two given arrays or ranges, which is the two-tailed probability that the variances in the two supplied arrays are not significantly different.

Note: The FTEST function has been replaced with F.TEST with improved accuracy. Although FTEST is still available in current versions of Excel, you should consider using the new function from now on, because FTEST may not be available in Excel’s future versions.

FTEST function 1


=FTEST(array1, array2)


  • array1 (required): The first range of data.
  • array2 (required): The second range of data.

Return Value

The FTEST function returns a numeric value.

Function Notes

  • array1 and array2 must be numbers, or names, arrays or references that contain numbers.
  • If array1 or array2 contains text(s) or logical values or empty cells, FTEST function will ignore them.
  • FTEST returns the #DIV/0! error value if:
    • The number of data points in array1 or array2 is less than 2.
    • The variance of array1 or array2 is 0 (zero).
  • The FTEST value returned by the LINEST function differs from the F-test value returned by FTEST. LINEST returns the F-statistic, whereas FTEST returns the probability.


To calculate the result of an F-test for two arrays as shown in the table below, please copy or enter the below formula in the result cell (E6), and press Enter to get the result.


f.test function 2

Related functions

Excel T.TEST Function

The T.TEST function returns the probability that is associated with a Student's t-test. T.TEST is often used to test the probability of two samples that have underlying populations with the same mean.

Excel F.INV Function

The Excel F.INV function returns the inverse of F probability distribution. If p (probability) = F.DIST(x,…), then F.INV(p,…)= x.

Excel F.DIST Function

The Excel F.DIST function returns the F probability distribution which is usually used to measure the degree of diversity between two data sets.

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