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Excel IMDIV Function

The IMDIV function returns the quotient of two given complex numbers in x + yi or x + yj text format, i.e., divide the first complex number by the second.

imdiv function 1


=IMDIV(inumber1, inumber2)


  • inumber1 (required): The complex number to be divided.
  • inumber2 (required): The complex number to divide by.

Return Value

The IMDIV function returns a complex number as text.

Function Notes

  • inumber1 and inumber2 can be supplied as any of the following:
    • A real number whose imaginary part is 0, e.g., 1 is a complex number 1+0i; Or a purely imaginary number whose real part is 0, e.g., i is a complex number 0 + 1i;
    • A cell reference that refers to a complex number;
    • A complex number enclosed in double quotation marks.
  • inumber1 and inumber2 can be returned by the COMPLEX function which converts real and imaginary coefficients into a complex number.
  • IMDIV will return the #NUM! error if:
    • inumber1 or inumber2 is not recognized as a complex number that has lowercase i or j (iota);
    • inumber1 and inumber2 do not have the same suffix (i or j), e.g., 4+3i and 5+2j.
  • IMDIV will return the #VALUE! error if inumber1 or inumber2 is a logical value.
  • The division between two complex numbers (a+bi and c+di) is:
    imdiv function equation


To get the quotient of two complex numbers in the first row of the table below, please copy or enter the formula below in the top cell, and press Enter to get the result. After that, you can drag the fill handle (at the lower right corner of the result cell) down to apply the formula to below cells.


imdiv function 2

Also, you can type the actual complex numbers in the formula as shown below. Make sure the complex numbers are enclosed with double quotes:


Related functions

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