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Excel ISODD function

The ISODD function checks whether a value is an odd number. If the given value is an odd number, it returns TRUE. Otherwise, it returns FALSE.




Value (required): The value you want to check. It can be entered as one of the following:
-- A cell reference;
-- A formula;
-- A hardcoded value;


1. It returns one of the following logical values:
-- TRUE: Returns TRUE If the given value is an odd number.
- - FALSE: Returns FALSE if the given value is an even number.
2. If a cell contains a formula, this function checks the result of the formula.
3. It returns the #VALUE! error if the given value is non-numeric.
4. An empty cell is treated as zero, so the ISODD function returns FALSE.
5. If a number is not an integer, the decimal part will be truncated.

Return value

It returns a logical value, which is TRUE or FALSE.


To find which cell in the table below contains an odd number, you can do as follows.

Select a cell, for example C6, enter the formula below and press the Enter key to get the first result. Select this result cell and then drag its AutoFill Handle down to get the rest of the results.


Note: In the screenshot of the results above, you can see that the date 5/22/2022 is evaluated as an odd number. That’s because dates are stored as serial numbers in Excel, and 5/22/2022 is serial number 44703, which is an odd number.

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