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Excel QUOTIENT function

The QUOTIENT function is used to return only the integer portion of a division.


QUOTIENT(numerator, denominator)


  • Numerator (required): The number to be divided;
  • Denominator (required): The divisor.


1. The #VALUE! error occurs when either of the arguments is non-numeric;
2. The #DIV/0! error occurs when the “denominator” is zero;
3. To discard the remainder of a division, the QUOTINENT function is useful.
4. To return only the remainder of a division, use the MOD function.

Return value

It returns an integer.


As shown in the screenshot below, to get only the integer portion of the division based on the given numerator and denominator, you can apply the QUOTIENT function as follows to handle it.

1. Select a blank cell, copy or enter the formula below and press the Enter key to get the first result. Select this result cell and then drag its AutoFill Handle down to apply the formula to other cells.



1. In the example above, you can see the difference between the division operator and the QUOTIENT function:
-- The division operation retains both the integer and decimal places;
-- The QUOTIENT function returns only the integer portion of the result.
2. You can directly type the numbers in the formula, in cell E6, the formula can be replaced with:


Related Functions

Excel MOD function
The MOD function returns the integer portion of a division between two supplied numbers.

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