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Excel STDEVPA Function

doc stdev function 1

If you want to follow along with this tutorial, please download the example spreadsheet.

doc stdev function 1


The Excel STDEVPA function calculates standard deviation based on the given entire population. It can be used to measure how widely values are dispersed from the mean value. Differ from STDEV.P function, STDEVPA function evaluates logical values and text that appear in reference.

Syntax and arguments

Formula syntax

STDEVPA(value1, [value2], ...)


  • Value1: Required, a number, a reference to a population.
  • Value2, ...: Optional, the second number or reference that is up to 255 corresponding to a population.

Return Value

The STDEVPA function returns a numeric value.


1. STDEVPA function’s arguments are entire population, if the data represents a sample of a population, STDEVA function may be rather appropriate.

2. STDEVPA function using the “n” method to calculate.

3. Arguments can either be numbers or names, arrays or references that contain numbers, texts representations of numbers, or logical values (TRUE and FALSE) in reference.

4. STDEVPA function assumes logical value TURE as 1, FALSE as zero.

5. Empty cells and text values are ignored, if TRUE and FALSE are directly typed into an array, they are ignored by STDEVPA function.

6. Arguments that are error values or texts cannot be translated into numbers will cause errors.

7. STDEVPA function uses the equation as below:

doc stdev function 1


X is the sample mean, n is the sample size.


Excel 2003 and later

Usage and Examples

Example: Basic Usage

There is a column B4:B8 containing a population of data. To get the standard deviation, please use formula as below:


Press Enter key to get the standard deviation.

doc stdev function 1

Standard Deviation Functions in Excel

Function Data Set Text annd Logicals
STDEV Sample Ignored
STDEV.S Sample Ignored
STDEVP Population Ignored
STDEV.P Population Ignored
STDEVA Sample Evaluated
STDEVPA Population Evaluated

Relative Functions:

  • Excel STDEV Function
    The Excel STDEV function returns standard deviation based on a given sample of data.

  • Excel STDEV.S Function
    The Excel STDEV.S function returns standard deviation based on a given sample of data.

  • Excel STDEVP Function
    The Excel STDEVP function returns standard deviation based on the entire population.

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