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Excel SUBSTITUTE Function

The Microsoft Excel SUBSTITUTE function replaces text or characters within a text string with another text or characters.


=SUBSTITUTE(text, old_text, new_text, [instance_num])


Text (Required): The text or the cell reference that containing text to substitute.

Old_text (Required): The text you want to replace.

New_text (Required): The text you want to replace the old text with.

[Instance_num] (Optional): Specifies which instance to substitute. If omitted, all instances will be substituted with the new text.

Return Value

The text after substituted


Example 1: Substitute all instances of a text with another

The SUBSTITUTE function can help to replace all instances of a specific text with a new text.

As the below example shown, you want to substitute all number “3” with “1” in B2 cell, please select a cell to output the result, copy the below formula into the Formula Bar and press the Enter key to get the result.


  • 1) In this case, the [instance_num] argument is omitted, so all the number 3 are substituted with 1.
  • 2) Keep the new_text argument empty, it will remove the old text and replace with nothing. See the below formula and screenshot:
Example 2: Substitute specific instance of a text with another

As the below screenshot shown, you only want to substitute the first instance of “1” with “2” in B3, please select a blank cell, copy the below formula into it and press the Enter key to get the result.

Note: Here the [instance_num] argument is 1, which means the first instance of “1” will be substituted. If you want to substitute the second instance of “1”, please change the [instance_num] argument to 2.

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